Mean Betty On Taylor Momsen Being Dumped… Again!

Madonna and Lourdes have tossed aside the has-been for a much prettier face.

Mean Betty On Taylor Momsen Being Dumped… Again!

Madonna and Lourdes have tossed aside the has-been for a much prettier face.

-Mean Betty

Taylor Momsen

When Mean Betty heard that Taylor Momsen had been unceremoniously dumped from Madonna and daughter, Lourdes fashion line, Material Girl, she made the butler drag her off her chaise so she could do the happy dance. As Mean Betty was dancing, the butler fainted!

My little ewe lambs, this is soooo delicious! The announcement was made on Twitter! Here’s what it said: “Material Girl is thrilled to confirm that @MissKellyO is the new face for 2011! Details on this exciting new campaign in the upcoming weeks!”

One can only imagine Taylor’s face when she heard about that tweet! Of course, with all the makeup that Taylor glops on her face, it might’ve been hard to tell her expression.

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Poor, poor, Taylor! She’s just so misunderstood. On her planet, Zog, (which Mean Betty understands is lovely this time of year), it’s perfectly fine to whine about one’s good fortune. It’s actually required to show off one’s mammary glands to groups of strangers. And on Zog, they love it when you’re sullen and ungrateful all the time! It’s really “in” there this year.

However, on this planet, good manners, smiling (Taylor seems to have forgotten how to do it), and playing well with others is required to get along and do well.

Kelly Osbourne

It’s funny how a former bad girl like Kelly Osbourne has turned her life around and is now a fashion icon, TV co-host (E!’s Fashion Police) and is making movie after movie. Now, she’s the face of Material Girl. Like Taylor, she’s been in the public eye since she was little. Unlike Taylor, she’s learned from her mistakes.

Taylor’s antics have had her dropped from IMG modeling, she’s alienated her parents (and her co-stars on Gossip Girl), and she’s gone from being considered a good actress and role model to being a joke. Her co-stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester score endorsement after endorsementL Leighton is the Herbal Essences’ Ambassador and the face of Missoni, and Blake is the muse for Karl Lagerfeld and will be doing ads for their bags.

And Taylor? Well kittens, Mean Betty thinks that Taylor’s next endorsement may be for Thunderbird wine. It would be a match made in heaven!

Hugs, kisses and cold martinis, kittens!


Mean Betty

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