Mean Betty on Taylor Momsen vs. Miley Cyrus: Kiddie Cat Fight

It's like an episode of the Young and the Talentless.

Mean Betty on Taylor Momsen vs. Miley Cyrus: Kiddie Cat Fight

It’s like an episode of the Young and the Talentless.

-Mean Betty

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen and Miley Cryus are the latest pop tarts to go public with their hate for one another. There’s nothing like a little celeb battling to get Mean Betty’s juices flowing!

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In a recent interview Momsen talked smack about poor Miley: “I don’t even know Miley. There’s just no comparison between us, you know. I’m a rocker, she’s a pop star. We’re entirely different things, there’s a big difference between us. I have nothing against her, I don’t even know her. I just don’t listen to her stuff. I don’t give a sh*t. It’s ridiculous that Disney is as relevant as it is today even with adults. Where is the real music? What happened to Zeppelin, and people who play their own instruments? There’s always going to be pop but it’s not real music, it’s not me.”

Miley Cyrus

Not real music, poppets? That’s not fair. Mean Betty thinks that if you can pole dance to it, then it must be music, non?

Where does this pale dimwitted “rock star” get off saying such insulting things about Miley, pop music and Disney all in one sitting? Mean Betty thinks we have ourselves the new Mel Gibson.

According to a source, “Miley is furious – who wouldn’t be? She thought Taylor was pretty cool until this happened, which has left her totally confused. Taylor is so obviously desperate for fame. I mean, she’s traipsing around town in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music too? Miley has always had a lot of talent, and Taylor knows it. Taylor still sees her as a threat, which she is, although they’re hardly in the same league. Miley gets a little risky on stage, but she knows that it’s a performance, whereas Taylor doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line. It’s sad, really.”

Just to be fair, kittens, both of these gals traipse around wearing next to nothing. The goyles both love baring their jailbait bods for all the men who don’t care that 16 will get you twenty.

Maybe they should kiss and make up. Mean Betty knows Miley would be game for some girl-on-girl action.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Taylor Momsen vs. Miley Cyrus: Kiddie Cat Fight

  1. Taylor doesn’t disturb me as much, since I think she IS what she is, onstage or off. Miley on the other hand, proclaims to be an adult Christian, pole dances and dresses like a hoho.

  2. Here’s the unsaid part of the story, Miley beat Taylor out for the role of Hannah Montana, Disney didn’t hire Taylor for a show and suddenly Disney became “not relevant” for Taylor and she went rock. There is nothing wrong with pop or rock music. They are simply different genres. I think Taylor was trying to say that pop music is a bit more produced, but Miley is heavily involved with her own songwriting, etc. so the accusations on Taylor’s part are unfair. Taylor is a very young girl who clearly by the statements she makes is trying to discover her identity. That’s exactly why her mother shouldn’t let her take this as far as she does in her style. She can be rock and go for mini skirts, etc., but this is way too far for a little girl who doesn’t know who she is yet.

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