Mean Betty on The Bristol and Levi Reality Show

Who wouldn't tune in?
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Mean Betty on The Bristol and Levi Reality Show

Who wouldn’t tune in?

-Mean Betty

  Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Oh come on pets … you know you would watch! Mean Betty or one is hoping the rumors are true – that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, having gotten a taste of fame, are indeed angling for a family reality show now that they are happily reunited. Oh what fun when the in-laws drop by!

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In fact … Mean Betty just hates to be cynical, but are these two a little more savvy than Mean Betty has ever given them credit for? Could, in fact, their main motivation behind the blessed engagement be … well … less than romantic?

Perish the thought! After all, it’s not as if they took to the cover of Us Weekly to announce their impending nuptials to their respective families!

Oh, wait …

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on The Bristol and Levi Reality Show

  1. She quit becaue they kept piling baseless ethics charges against her all of which were found baseless but she had to pay all of her own legal bills. She was a half million dollars in debt. The only sane thing to do was to quit and write her book and go on the speaking tour to pay off her bills and to get financial securtiy for her family. A lot of good parents have had daughters get pregnant. You are so harsh and judgemental Aisling.

  2. There is no chance I would ever watch a reality show with these two. Glad they are trying to give it a chance it’s better for children to have both parents. But it looks like they are only doing it to land a tv show.

  3. All said and done this is what you call some serious bad parenting. I don’t care who does not like it. The apple does not fall far from the tree. There are many bad parents out no one gets a ride free. However in all honesty you have to look at this and say goodness you really want this type of spirit representing you. I don’t and it will not. America today seems to love drama and people with problems unreal.. As far as the baseless ethic charges against Sarah Palin. I have a friend that resides in the State of Alaska and she says that woman is a hot mess!! I can only go by people who reside in that State. I know some strong women and they do not act like Sarah Palin..

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