Mean Betty on the Octomom's New Book

Who out there will read an autobiography by Nadya Suleman?

Mean Betty on the Octomom’s New Book

Who out there will read an autobiography by Nadya Suleman?

-Mean Betty

Nadya Suleman

Mediawhore and mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman can now add “author” to her thoroughly impressive resume, kittens. Apparently the wondermom has been busily penning her autobiography (in between negotiating spots on reality shows, going to the gym, and – oh yes of course – changing 500 diapers a day) and is now shopping it to publishers. This, poppets, is not surprising. Luckily there have been no takers…yet.

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The Octomom is a woman who has exploited herself and her children at every turn. She’ll do anything for attention and a buck—except get a job. You know, darlings, Mean Betty hates to be a Debbie Downer, but if we keep letting people like the Hiltons and the Kardashians get famous Mean Betty is sure all the little girls will grow up to be just like the Octomommy — lazy, baby making, media-wenches. You’ve been warned, pets.

It pains Mean Betty to visualize what the future will look like for Nadya’s litter of kiddies. Just think about all the drugs they will do and the hang-ups they will have. It would take 10 Dr. Drews and even a Dr. Phil thrown in for good measure to start mending these inevitably tortured tots.


And now this tell-all coming out (because you know it WILL come out) discussing what it’s like to live everyday as Octomom will just add one more element of pain and public humiliation for her children. Darling pets, this woman needs to be stopped. No publisher should agree to let this ludicrous tome see the light of day– ever.

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Send Octomom Mean Betty’s way and she’ll whip that woman into shape and give her some important writing to do – “I will focus on my children and promise not to breed again.” A couple thousand times on a chalkboard should do the trick, non?


Mean Betty

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  1. Anyone else find it a tad ironic that she is wearing a t-shirt that proclaims ADOPT in huge letters? I know that’s referring to animals, but I still thinks it’s hilarious.

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