Mean Betty: Taylor Wants His Trailer

Twilight's Wolf Boy Taylor Lautner Is Emotionally Distressed!
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Mean Betty: Taylor Wants His Trailer

‘Twilight’s’ Wolf Boy Taylor Lautner Is Emotionally Distressed!

-Mean Betty

Taylor Lautner

Darlings, Mean Betty has always loved Taylor Lautner. Of the Big Three Twilight stars, little Taylor has seemed the most “normal” (even if he does take his shirt off at strange times and have a rather pig-like nose). He does not pout like Kristen Stewart; unlike Robert Pattinson, he seems to wash his hair. But now, he appears to have been bitten by the poison bug of Celebrity Insanity!

Our teenage superstar is suing because his very own, specially designed, $300,000 “personal trailer” wasn’t delivered on time. Call out the gendarmerie and have them arrest the guilty swine! How dare they make our little Wolf Boy feel bad? You see, darlings, Taylor isn’t suing just for something sensible like breach of contract. Oh, no, he is also suing because he suffered “displeasure, annoyance and emotional distress!”

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Is this boy not supposed to be macho? Exactly how big a leap did he have to make to play the wild-spirited Jacob? Does he feel the lack of a trailer will spoil his artistic focus as he works on his next movie, Abduction? Will his costars, Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver, who have actually acted for a living, think worse of him? Serious questions, my darlings.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Taylor Wants His Trailer

  1. Just because he is a nice guy doesn’t mean that others should try to take advantage of him. $300,000 is a lot of money, then they didn’t keep their promise to him. He has other things to worry about, so I can sympathize with the emotional distress.

  2. The words in the lawsuit aren’t Taylor’s, but his lawyers. It is a breach of lawsuit issue, and the lawyer is trying to pepper the issue by making the point that the trailer was to be used for the filming of a movie and when it doesn’t arrive on time, he is without a trailer. Sorry, but I do think the star of a movie deserves a private trailer given the amount of time they are spending on set with long days of filming, etc. The words used by the lawyer are legal terms of art that are simply taken verbatim from the legal statutes (I can say that for sure about “emotional distress”) and must be used to properly file a motion.

  3. Hey shot it, he paid for it, and he expected it to be on time. Betty, take your trash about this hunk and shove it up your obviously rusted tail-pipe and stop blowing smoke to pretend there is fire. If your website crashed and was down for two weeks and the person who has to fix it told you ‘it will be another two weeks’ and it takes two weeks and a day, you’d pitch a bitch fit too, so stop acting like your shit don’t stink.

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