Mean Betty: The Biebs Is Being Sued Because He Caused a Sonic Wave?!

Okay, we know that Justin Bieber has a 'big voice” but Meanie doesn't think he could break the sound barrier!
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The result, according to Ms. Betts, is that by encouraging the tweens to scream whilst he was in the gondola, Justin created a veritable sonic wave of sound – that is, a “sound blast” that has caused permanent hearing damage in the woman’s ears. Betts claims that the gondola itself was the conduit of the boom and that if he hadn’t hopped on it, swung around in it and caused tweens to act in a frenzied manner (but don’t tweens always act in a frenzied manner?), then she would be fine. But because of Bieber’s thoughtless actions in overexciting his fans, she now suffers from tinnitus. Who knew a gondola could be such a dangerous tool? As she states in her lawsuit,” Due to the negligence of Justin Bieber…I am an ordinary person who bought a service. I took my daughter to a pop concert. I had no reasonable way to anticipate the gondola could create a sound blast that would permanently damage my ears. Experienced promoters, sound engineers, managers and artists are responsible to maintain safe decibel levels at all times during their events.”

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The butler doesn’t understand why Ms. Betts didn’t just drop off her spawn at the concert as most parents do. This way, they’re not subjected to the writhing, squealing, and posturing of these so-called “pop stars.” After all, male tween stars are as damaging and dangerous as a three week old kitten. They’re harmless: They don’t have muscles and they couldn’t take down a stuffed animal, let alone a tween girl. So, these tween girls should be fine on their own, should they not?

The pool boy, a veteran of many an ear-splitting concert, also pointed out that Ms. Betts could have worn ear plugs to the show. They cost less than $3 and can be picked up at any drug store or mass merchandiser anywhere across the nation. The pool boy has often made use of these marvelous and extremely affordable inventions, and he can still hear everything… sometimes to Meanie’s dismay.

So, kittens, Mean Betty poses this question to you: Who was really negligent here? Was it Ms. Betts, who neither dropped off her child at the concert, nor picked up a protective pair of ear plugs? Or was it the Biebs for being so gosh darn popular?

Anyhoo, lambies, Ms. Betts would like Justin to compensate her hearing loss to the tune of $9.23 million. Yes, her ears will still ring, but after she gets him to pony up, the sound she hears constantly will no doubt be a sweeter one.

Oh, kittensI If the Biebs had only NOT stepped into that gondola, all in Oregon would have been safe, happy and well. Darn that gondola! Darn that Bieber!


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