Mean Betty: What's the Matter, Kendra Wilkinson? Tired of Being a Housewife?

Looks like the "family" phase of Kendra's life is over and it's back to Hollywood!

Mean Betty: What’s the Matter, Kendra Wilkinson? Tired of Being a Housewife?

Looks like the “family” phase of Kendra’s life is over and it’s back to Hollywood!

-Mean Betty

Kendra Wilkinson

Most celebs mess with the media, kittens. They don fake engagement rings and hide fake baby bumps under baggy clothing all the time just to screw with our tabloid lovin’ heads. Kendra Wilkinson is one of the few “celebrities” that the media is able to mess with. And mess with her we shall.

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All it took was a feature in OK! and a few snide comments from radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller, who said she went from “Marilyn Monroe to Mrs. Brady,” and BAM, she’s back in Hollywood having a long distance marriage so she can shoot her show Kendra. She’s just too easy to toy with, pets.

Kendra recently turned down a Playboy spread and claimed she doesn’t need a centerfold to prove she’s still hot. Someone must still have some post-pregnancy cellulite, poppets. On what planet does the bleach-blonde Kendra say “no” to getting naked for cash—especially for her old “boyfriend” Hugh Hefner?

Kendra Wilkinson

Mean Betty gives her a month away from hubby Hank Baskett before she changes her mind and spreads those legs for the camera. Yes, the same legs that she spread to produce her baby boy Hank IV just 10 months ago.

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Moving far away from your husband inside of a year after you have a baby definitely doesn’t seem natural, pets. Is Kendra so insecure and afraid of fading from the spotlight (the spotlight which she never deserved in the first place) that it’s more important for her to be in the action of Hollywood instead of with her family? Mean Betty is so glad her priorities are in order, darlings.

Kendra should make some cameos on Kate Gosselin’s next reality show. They seem perfect for each other.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: What's the Matter, Kendra Wilkinson? Tired of Being a Housewife?

  1. ChattyCathy says:

    Kendra is an idiot!

  2. festivelady826 says:

    C’mon, Mean Betty! Did ANYONE think that this no-talent, brainless tramp would settle into motherhood and marriage? You obviously haven’t read the latest headlines: she’s Playboy’s December playmate. Your time element was much too generous………

  3. NaptownCutie says:

    I feel sorry for Hank IV. His daddy deserves everything that Kendra is going to take him through. He should have known better than to marry her.

  4. slagathor says:

    Another of Hefner’s Whores can’t seem to function like a responsible adult. I’m terribly shocked.

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