Mean Betty: Why Did Emma Watson Dye Her Puppy Pink?!

Oh Emma Watson, what did that poor puppy ever do to you?
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Then again, thinking about what Simon says (oooh, the puns that could be made from that!) … he aids dogowners into forcing their dogs to wear blue Mohawks! What will they think of next? Striped dogs? Dogs with polka-dots ala Madagascar 3’s Marty the Zeba? Dogs wearing wigs…wait, that’s actually been done. No lambkins, you truly don’t want to see the pictures of that!

 amber heard and her yorkie pistol

Lest you think that Emma’s the only celeb who’s had her dog dyed pink, actress Amber Heard’s Yorki Pistol has had the ombre treatment forced on him: He’s kinda sorta cerise!

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Lambkins, couldn’t these starlets find something more constructive to do with their time than have their dogs’ coats dipped in embarrassing colors? They could have done things like rearranged their sock drawer by color, arranged their panties by height or gosh, I dunno volunteer for a good cause?

The Olympics are coming up soon, so Meanie wonders if dogs will be wearing Union Jacks, Stars and Stripes and any other flag that flies?


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