Mean Betty: Would Justin Timberlake Sleep With The Entire Oscar Committee?

He just wants what's owed to him for The Social Network's success.

Mean Betty: Would Justin Timberlake Sleep With The Entire Academy Award Committee For An Oscar?

He just wants what’s owed to him for ‘The Social Network’s’ success.

-Mean Betty

Justin Timberlake

Is Justin Timberlake morphing into the new Kanye West, kittens? Tune into this year’s Oscars to see him leap onto the stage and grab the mic from Geoffry Rush in the middle of Geoff’s acceptance speech.

JT’s championing himself for awards like a two bit media whore, pets! Mean Betty hates to burst Justin’s bubble, but one decent acting job does not an Oscar make. Still, Justin is mounting an aggressive campaign to win Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Social Network.

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Mean Betty knows how incredibly straining it must have been for Justin to get into the character of Napster founder, Sean Parker. After all, Parker was a suave L.A. type who popped bottles in nightclubs and was eventually fired from Facebook after a cocaine arrest.

How ever did pop boy JT summon the traits of such a foreign kind of person? Mean Betty isn’t implying that Justin does drugs but he lives in Tinsel Town and all his friends are celebs. You do the math, poppets.

Justin has privately reached out to Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey for campaigning advice. Mean Betty has some advice for you, darling… pay some more acting dues!

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t even won an Oscar yet, pets. If Justin Timberlake wins one first we’ll probably find Leo drowned in his own Jacuzzi tub before the after parties even commence.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Would Justin Timberlake Sleep With The Entire Oscar Committee?

  1. It’s amazing how you blogs take a fake tabloid story and run with it. Have you even watched Timberlake in any of his interviews. He’s not even interested in talking about the Oscar buzz. He said he’d rather you all concentrate on the movie, director, writer and other actors possbily getting nominations. Sony will promote all of them and Timberlake will do whatever Sony asks of him, as will the other actors. He isn’t personally campaigning though and anyone who believes a rag like Page Six that started this is just stupid.

  2. LMAO that you all think Justin is campaigning for himself. Sony is doing the campaigning. I have watched him on Ellen, and the entertainment programs and he won’t talk about the Oscar buzz around himself. You all really don’t know Justin at all if you believe the tabloids so readily.

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