Mean Betty: Would You Watch a Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

Is the world prepared for such a thing?
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Mean Betty: Would You Watch a Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

Is the world prepared for such a thing?

-Mean Betty

Kate Plus 8

Brace yourselves, kittens. Are you sitting down? Word has it that a Kate Gosselin reality dating show may be coming to a television near you.

Quite a thought, hmm?

In fact, Mean Betty is not sure how Mean Betty feels about this rumor / news. On the one hand, it does sort of seem inevitable, doesn’t it? (Speaking of inevitable, Mean Betty is still waiting for the Nadya Suleman reality dating show! What’s taking them so long?) Kate Gosselin and her grasping, fame hungry, gel-manicure claws certainly make for a source of endless entertainment.

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On the other hand, can the universe really stand to watch Kate Gosselin go on televised dates?

And what dates they would be, surely! According to Life & Style, the show would “possibly” be “matching [Kate] with single dads.”

Mean Betty shudders to even imagine the kind of “single dad” these producers would dig up … like some horrible Brady Bunch episode gone terribly wrong!

Mean Betty has so many questions!

Would the potential candidates meet the Gosselin children as part of the process? Would Kate meet THEIR children?

Would they all be forced to watch clips from Jon and Kate Plus Eight, showing Kate berating and belittling Jon? (Perhaps this would be some kind of endurance test for potential Kate mates, with follow-up tests involving chapters of her latest book?)

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Would You Watch a Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

  1. Why hasn’t child protective services taken the kids away yet? I don’t get it, they’re clearly being exploited. Frankly, I am tired of this no talent bitch.

  2. Why hasn’t this creature just gone away? Her 15 minutes were up ages ago. She is a has-been & a total waste. Real people need the air she is breathing. Go away, you vile CREATURE.

  3. I wouldn’t watch anything with this skank on it. Just looking at her disgusts me who the hell is this woman anyway she’s virtually a nobody she’s cashing in on her kids and that’s just wrong . She needs to go away .

  4. In a word, no I wouldn’t watch Kate pick a date. Look what she picked for a husband and father to her children. It would be a nightmare inducing show.

    I wish her well, she’s at least trying to make a good life for her kids and herself which isn’t going to be easy as the years go on. All of this will end for Kate in he not to distant future and what she has is what she and the kids will have to live on.

    Nadya Suleman will never get a show, her selfishness and the suffering she’s caused her children is not something normal viewers would want to see. Also, most of her first 6 children have autism. It’s varies but at least 3 and as many as 5 are autistic. What kind of show would that be? Someone who didn’t take good care of the sick kids she had decided 8 more would be a good idea? Nadya will live in poverty, destroy her parents and children and do it all with a few dimes to rub together. Don’t think the 8 won’t have severe problems either, they will.

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