Mean Betty: You're An Idiot, David Arquette

David Arquette: First you blab, now you backtrack? Pathetic!

Mean Betty: You’re An Idiot, David Arquette

First you blab, now you backtrack? Pathetic!

-Mean Betty

David Arquette

When Mean Betty heard the sad news about Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Mean Betty’s cold little heart just broke. Truly – weren’t they such a cute couple? And now where will Jennifer Aniston go for Thanksgiving dinner?

Then, David took it upon himself to call Howard Stern and blab, blab blab — about his sex life (or lack therof) with Courteney, about Jasmine Waltz, the starf*&#er waitress he slept with, and why Courteney dumped him. (Gee, Mean Betty can’t imagine why…)

Fine – so he blabbed to Howie. Mean Betty really doesn’t expect more of the average celebrity man.

But now the fool has launched a massive backtrack / apology – via his TWITTER account.

Puh-lease! Four tweets form this pathetic little missive:

Thank you all for your Love and support at this time. I’m trying figuring out how to be the best person I can be but it’s been a process of trial and error. I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I’m experiencing but while doing that I shared too much…it’s alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled… Life is a process of spiritual evolution. I’m sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we’ve learned.

Oh yes, Mean Betty is so certain this is some kind of great spiritual process you’re undertaking. Why, Howard Stern is a veritable guru of “clarity and honesty,” isn’t he, pets?

Mean Betty is so moved to see he’s “humbled” by all this. Which part was more “humbling” David? Reading all the flack you got for babbling about Courteney buying you a motorcycle and then not wanting to be your mommy any more? Or hearing that Jasmine got mad that you only claimed to have slept with her “once, maybe twice” (so hard to keep track) – and she responded, “Two time, my ass!”

Ah, a quote for the ages.

David, since you’re obviously not man enough to know a gentleman never kisses and tells, and NEVER calls Howard Stern to discuss his divorce, at least be man enough to own up to your crudeness. Don’t try to pull some “enlightened” Tweeting off on us. You’re a little boy who wants to play with big toys, trashy women, and radio shock jocks. Own it! At least that goes over well with classy women like Jasmine Waltz!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: You're An Idiot, David Arquette

  1. why of course she and Jennifer will get togeather and have a fab thanksgiving .The wine will flow and the trash talking will as well happy thanksgiving Jennifer and Courteney!!!!

  2. DID he ever take that blood test that shows eveidence of brain injury.He should becasue he has no chef=ck o his response to what comes out of his mouth.Not the first time.Not so long ago he went on Jay Leno and talked about shaving his manhood.That is not normal…Get that test and maybe he can get the medicine to stop his thoughts that inappropriate!

  3. Who cares. If I was a celebrity and I figured that my love life would be misconstrued in the tabloids for all to read – along with my picture for women to throw darts at since men are always portrayed as the villians in these situations – I’d probably just drink some booze and set the record straight too. I actually, ironically, even find it kind of responsible. So many people post on sites like these, and get the wrong idea about what is going on in publicized relationships (and since many use these as models, relationships in general) and get unnecessarily depressed about relationships and love. There is always a more human side to what you are seeing! Thank you actually David, for showing us this.

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