Meet 8 Inspiring Women Who Lead

What do these women have in common? Their passion is helping women (and helping other women help women).

Meet 8 Inspiring Women Who Lead

What do these women have in common? Their passion is helping women (and helping other women help women).

-Harvey Helms

Kathi Lutton Jennifer Siebel Newsom

I’m wondering what happened when you girls got together to discuss my last column Tripping the Prom Queen: The Truth About Women And Rivalry! What came up? Was it difficult to discuss how women deter each other on the path to success? Were there other women’s issues that surfaced? Please share the details so I can pass them on! Now let’s move on to action that helps the “Sisterhood” move forward!

Women who empower other women! There’s nothing like it when incredible women come together under the same roof for the causes of all things women! I think the federal budget crisis we’ve been facing in the United States could be settled quickly if the Senate was made up of women only! Just my opinion but I think it rings true! Right girls?

Occasionally in my life I’ve met a few exceptional women who actually change the world, not only through money and power, but with heart, compassion, and the ability to connect people together to make a life-changing difference. I’ve been very fortunate that the Universe has placed such a fabulous woman on my path! Ladies! Meet Kathi Lutton!

Kathi Lutton (in the photo above, on the right!) is a patent litigator at Fish & Richardson, as well as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. (She was recently on the Fish & Richardson Management Committee and ran 60 percent of the firm as the Head of Litigation, but has recently handed off that baton to another wonderful woman, Ann Cathcart-Chaplin. Go girls!) Kathi’s also an advocate of women on every issue imaginable! Through Fish & Richardson for the last seven years, Kathi has assembled the most dynamic group of women to discuss Leadership through Enrichment, Action and Diversity! Hence the organization’s name: LEAD.

Kathi is also one of the leading connectors of people including through social media. She’s been instrumental in furthering the incredible progress of businesses and charitable foundations. I was the only man invited to LEAD for the last two years so I was so fortunate to be in the room with all this amazing brain power! At the end of the meeting we all ended up in the fabulous Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel Spa for networking! Heaven!

The guest speakers were incredible. Here’s a smathering of the talent in the room… Click on their links to discover what they’re up to! You may choose to get involved!

Jillian Manus

* Jillian Manus, Founding Partner of Broad Strategy:

*Pattie Sellers, Fortune Editor at Large, Chairperson of Fortunes Most Powerful Women’s Summit:

Jennifer Siebel Newsom

*Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Actress, Writer, Producer and Philanthropist:

Tracey Jackson

*Tracey Jackson, Screen Writer, Author:

*Liz Wiseman, Author, Developer of Leaders:

*Tracy Sestili, Writer, Philanthropist, Social Media Consultant:

*Manal Elattir, Moroccan Social Entrepreneur, Founder of IMDAD (and Kathi’s Fortune Most Powerful Women mentee):

What do these women have in common? Their passion is helping women (and helping other women help women).

This Kathi Lutton story sums up women helping other women in a nut shell: On Mother’s day, Kathi was looking for a new family car to accommodate her sons and their active lifestyle. Camping, hiking, soccer, Kuk Sool Won! You name it, they do it. Kathi went to two dealerships and was met with aggressive male salespeople who wouldn’t deviate from their negotiation playbook. Kathi then wondered … why she has never been met in a dealership by a woman? Have you? Were women not as aggressive as the men? Do few women sell cars?

So, Kathi decided to try to help another woman. Instead of driving up to a dealership and letting the universe (or men) dictate who sold Kathi a car, she called in advance and asked to be connected to a female sales person. Needless to say the commission went to a fabulous woman that went out of her way to get Kathi the perfect car. (Elisabeth Treadway of Landrover Marin if you are in the market).

So if you girls think these issues are too overwhelming to begin a change, think of Kathi. Change will happen with woman helping each other. One girl at a time!

Here’s to the girls!



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