Want To Meet a Sexy Guy? Try a Tri!

It is suggested that you try your athletic skills at a triathalon to meet a sexy guy

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Want To Meet a Sexy Guy? Try a Tri!

Triathlons: The best place to meet sexy, fit men

-Carrie Seim

male swimmerWhen you’re searching for a man with a gold medal body, mind and spirit – look no further than the starting line of a triathlon. These running/swimming/biking fools are literally a triple threat. Oh yeah, and they’re pretty easy on the eyes.

They’ve got the mental discipline to push themselves to the limit and resist the urge to lie on the couch watching Gossip Girl all weekend. (Not that anyone I know does that.) They’ve got the spirit of true athletes. And they’ve got bodies that shouldn’t be legal.

Arizonan Kristina Baxter has been a triathlete for the past five years and can vouch for the appeal of her fellow competitors. She assures me, “Triathletes are beautiful looking people and have an air of confidence about them from being able to accomplish something that not that many people can do. Which makes them very attractive.”

start of a raceLily Fu, who’s competed in triathlons and happens to be a brilliant goddess, warns that is a downside to tri titillation. “The problem with many of these guys is that they get high on themselves.”

Hmm. I ask Baxter what she thinks about triathletes being labeled arrogant. She laughs and says she prefers to think of them as confident.

But what about these guys and their Teflon egos? Aren’t they ever intimidated at the thought of a woman who could possibly outswim, outrun and outbike them? “No,” Baxter assures me. “Just the opposite. They seem to really like it.”

Betty contributor Mary Beth Sammons, a triathlete herself, concurs: “Guys love to welcome woman to the “Congrats you are a triathlete” club … because they love to coach you along the way.”

waiting to start a raceShe adds, “The thing about tris is that in the transition area these hunks are stripping down, getting out of their wetsuits, tight bike shorts … they tell you “no nudity,” but it is practically. Also, the training – you are in a pool, spinning and running next to them every day for at least six months. My friends who don’t exercise or do tris can not believe the hunks we run into when out and about, whom I know from doing tris.”

An added bonus: “When you swim, bike and run (usually two of those every day, six days a week), you never have to worry about what you eat!

The next time you’re hankering for a healthy hunk, trot yourself down to a triathlon and cheer on some studs from the sidelines. Or better yet, start training for a race near you and get yourself fit while you’re fishing for guys.

Because the only thing sexier than a man-athoner is a foxy female racer. Bring it times three!

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