Megan Fox Hates Germs!

Is the celeb hottie going to be scared of this story?

Megan Fox Hates Germs!

Is the celeb hottie going to be scared of this story?

-Jane Farrell

Megan Fox

Megan Fox usually gives off a tough-as-nails vibe. But the Transformers star goes all girly when it comes to cooties.

An admitted germophobe, Fox won’t use public restrooms or even restaurant knives and forks, according to MSNBC. With phobias like that, we’re pretty sure she’s thought of almost everything to avoid.

But just in case she hasn’t, here’s a list of the five yuckiest places that harbor the little devils. Megan (and all you other germophobes out there), this list’s for you!

*The gym. Germ authority Maryn McKenna, MSNBC reports, won’t even wear shorts to work out. Her fear: she’ll sit down on a sweaty bench without wiping it off first. And since staph germs multiply in wet, sweaty environments….We think you’ve got the picture.
*A crowded party. We all carry staph bacteria (sorry, Megan), though it may not harm us, McKenna says. But a jammed environment, like a party or club, increases the risk of transmission. Solution: wash your hands a lot.

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*The makeup counter. Is any explanation really necessary? Don’t put your fingers in anything that other people have tested. According to MSNBC, you should ask the saleswoman for a new tester.
*The kitchen. An overused sponge carries enough unwanted substances to make anyone into a germophobe. Replace your sponge once a week. We’ll bet you’ve been changing it a lot less frequently than that.
*The doctor’s office. It absolutely has to be clean, and so do the people who work there. McKenna suggests that you “challenge” your medical team to tell you exactly how the office is kept clean.
*And to be on the safe side in any dicey situation, always carry a bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer.

Somehow, we think that Megan Fox has a lot of those already. (MSNBC)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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