Melissa Etheridge Broke Tammy Lynn Michaels' Heart

Michaels writes a revealing and emotional poem on her blog, claiming her split from Etheridge was not mutual.

Melissa Etheridge Broke Tammy Lynn Michaels’ Heart

Michaels writes a revealing and emotional poem on her blog, claiming her split from Etheridge was not mutual.

-Faye Brennan


Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels

There’s nothing like writing a long, well-rhyming poem on your blog to air your dirty laundry. At least, that’s the method Tammy Lynn Michaels used to set the record straight about her breakup with her wife of nine years, Melissa Etheridge.

The couple, who have two children together, broke up last month, and Etheridge made it clear to the press that the split was mutual. But, according to Michaels’ poem, it wasn’t – and she still has some stifled feelings she needs to get off of her chest. As a warning, most of them involve anger.

The poem is titled “No more censorship for me?” and goes a little something like this:

I’d rather hear 10,000 fans
screaming my name in worship
than hear my wife harp on me
about my family intimacy issues too,
you know?
which one is going to get me harder?
easy answer

sideswiped and left mangled
up to my eyes in toilet training toddlers
and sounds of a guitar wailing
letting me know
you would probably leave me soon
i know those heart-ache wails by now

i even told you it was a break up album
and you laughed at me
you laughed and laughed
i heard fearless and i got sick
“that’s your break up song with me”
i said to you
you got so angry with me, remember?
and stomped off

so thank you for telling an interviewer
that you WON’T censor me on my blog
(i thought i was to say nothing, my bad)
i was so unhappy thinking people dare look at me
and think that i consider
a marriage and forever to be
nine years or six years or whatever
and i gave up on everything
and just walked off
never is that me… nope, never

So, here’s what we gather from Michaels’ poem – the split was not mutual, Etheridge apparently was writing songs about their impending breakup for her latest album, and she apparently had family intimacy issues. Oh, and Michaels is still incredibly hurt. (Huffington Post)

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  1. uptowngirl says:

    Aww, breakups are always tough for both people involved.

  2. mothermeryl says:

    this goes to prove my theory that most stars are jerks – even though I like to read about them hahaha

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