Meredith Acton Debuts Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Academy of Art University student Mereditch Acton discusses her fashion love affair, inspirations, Michael Azu, and more!
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Meredith Acton Debuts Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

The Academy of Art University student discusses her fashion love affair, inspirations, Michael Azu, and more!

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Designing quality fashion pieces is Academy of Art University design student Meredith Acton’s life. After dedicating more than a year to her passion, the emerging designer is unveiling her first collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Inspired by Lewis Hine’s early 20th century photographs of child workers living very adult lives, the fashion addict’s newest collection is gasp-worthy. Before models own the runway in her designs, Meredith chats with us about life at the top of the fashion chain.

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How did your fashion love affair begin?

It began because of my mom, who sewed a lot when she was younger. We always did projects with fabric, so I got to play around with different types of it. I started my own business in high school, took sewing lessons, and finally decided to pursue fashion in college.

When and how did you know that you wanted to pursue fashion as a career?

My first semester of college, I was an advertising major. Then, I transferred to Framingham State College in Massachusetts. When I visited the school, I took a tour. I saw all of their sewing equipment and different things and decided that fashion was what I needed to do.

I was viewing some of your fabulous work on the Academy of Art website. What sparks your creativity?

Every time we have a new project, I get to pick a new interest. I go to the library and the museum, look through art books and old photographs, and I get really inspired. I start sketching and figuring out how to take what I see and make it into clothes. I have a lot fun with the process. I love the research and sketching process.

Your collection was inspired by Lewis Hine’s investigative photography of child laborers in the early 1900’s. What about those photographs inspired you?

Growing up in Massachusetts, we always went on field trips to the old textile factories. We used to do what those kids had to do. The pictures reminded me of those schools trips and what I saw on them. What the kids wore interested me because they were doing adult jobs in adult clothes. These little kids were working so hard and that emotion was there in the pictures.

Next up: Meredith on Michael Azu, what to expect in the future, and more!

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