Michael Jackson: Inside Neverland

The drugs, the secrets, and the children of the King of Pop.

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Michael Jackson: Inside Neverland

The drugs, the secrets and the children

-Kelly Will

The King of Pop Michael JacksonThe King of Pop has passed away and it seems that all of his decades-old secrets are spewing forth from the cracks in the foundation of his life. Michael Jackson died last week after suffering a cardiac arrest at 50 years old, weeks before he was about to embark on a major comeback tour. As his friends and family pay tribute, some say that his two autopsies will reveal a small part in what was a lifetime of drug abuse.

My source traveled with Michael for years and had the opportunity to live and work at Neverland during his glory days. Here are just a few of Michael Jackson’s barely hidden secrets.

“Michael got daily injections and was in regular pain. There were all kinds of medicines, you never knew what he was taking, but you knew he was taking a lot of it. There was a doctor by his side traveling with him at all times.”

“Michael could really be sweet and childlike. He was an introvert who loved women and children, but he couldn’t speak about his father and rarely spoke frankly with anyone. Even close friends couldn’t get past his shell. He blamed his loss of childhood on his father and seemed to constantly be fighting to gain some of it back at Neverland. That’s where all the visiting children came in. Their parents would be there, too, but it was inappropriate. Michael always said he was a child, just like them, but obviously, he was an adult.”

“Michael felt as if the public generally thought he was a freak and it bothered him immensely but he never really knew who he was and definitely did not know how or want to blend into a more normal life. He was most himself while making music. Michael was happiest when he was writing a new song – there was joy in his life then. He was a genius and despite all the weirdness, he was also very kind.”

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Confidential Sightings:

Robin Thicke did an impromptu Michael Jackson tribute at the SoBe Lifewater party this weekend at the Stephan Weiss Studios.

The Black Eyed Peas are still as close as ever despite the Perez Hilton drama. Fergie, will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo spent their entire weekend together, including drinks and dinner at Koko in the OPUS Hotel in Montreal.

It was mother daughter time this week for Christie Brinkley and daughter Alexa Ray Joel. Christie met Alexa at her show at Stephen Talkhouse, followed by dinner together at the Blue Parrot in East Hampton, New York.

R.Kelly traveled far to perform at the ARISE Africa Fashion Awards this week during Africa Fashion week in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kelly WillGossip Betty is penned by New York City celebrity columnist Kelly Will. This 29-year-old magazine and newspaper reporter has written columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Kelly’s weekly column appears every Tuesday. For more celebrity news and to chat with Kelly, follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/misswill.

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0 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Inside Neverland

  1. It’s almost as if people want you to feel bad for him, to understand why he was screwed up, but you can’t condone the things he did. At least that’s how I feel…

  2. theres speculation going on now that the child he supposedly molested back in 93 was lying because his father made do it fir money – i truly feel MJ was innocent and definitely misunderstood.

  3. I think Michael was truly a talented artist and no one can take that from him, but he had issues in his personal life that he should of had mental help

  4. I think lotsowritin25 hit the nail on the head. I think too many people are too ready to point their fingers, rather than sit down, and open their minds and ask questions.

  5. Michael had to act like an adult when he was a child, being the anchor and main attraction of the Jackson 5- which probably have been just “OK” without him — and then, he when he became a man, he could afford to transform into what he’d never been — a little boy –because he so missed being able to a child and by this time was rich enough to emulate immaturity in every way.

    He was was, child and man, twisted by others’ greed, exploited, obsessed with changing everything he could about himself, right down to the color of his skin — the skin disease he had, says the Mayo ?Clinic, can be treated either way, to strip away the rest of the natural pigment or to restore all of it, and you can see which he chose — not just to be a little boy, but to be a little WHITE boy — and if that wasn’t a slap at his family for the pressures and demands they made on him, I don’t know what else you could call it.

    I think, too, he felt apart from the rest of his family because he was by far so superior to them in his musical abilities, and he also embraced the difference and pushed it to the limits.

    Every doctor who provided “medical treatments” to Jackson, i.e.. gave him the kind he wanted, ought to be stripped of his/her license to practice. I’m sure there are doctors he rejected and who rejected him because they wouldn’t make of him the horrid-looking creature he became, and also most likely because they recommended detox and psychiatric care. Any responsible physician would do the same. I’d like to know the source(s) of his “pain” that required so much of so many pain-killing medications. If he was using those to ease his mind, there are psychiatric drugs that could have done a much better job than painkillers, as any reputable physician would have told him. But that’s not what Michael wanted to hear.

    I’m sure Michael hated himself as much as he likely felt his family hated him, for his talent, his fame,, his popularity and his success that none of the rest of them have even come close to gaining, not even Janet, who too often imitates him.

    It may be that his attraction to little children was to be among whom he considered his true peers — but it’s probably much, much worse than that. And there are always people willing to pimp their children for a moment’s vicarious glow in the touch of star and victims, their own children. The perversions among the very rich and very famous are usually overlooked or whitewashed and in Michael’s case, he got the “best” of both. Pedophilia, if in fact Michael was afflicted with it, is one of the very hardest of all mental illnesses to cure — if it can be cured at all. Among prisoners, it is the most scorned affliction, and people who are into children are generally kept out of the general population of adults — for their own protection.

    If Michael Jackson had been the kid down the street with no special talents and not much more going for him than any other kid of his age, and if he’d pulled the little children into his orbit, he’d have been arrested and charged, convicted and incarcerated. But no, he was a world-wide star, and the evidence of this predilection, day in court notwithstanding, was largely overlooked.

    One can only feel truly sorry for what happened to the little children who outgrew Michael’s interest, even if it had no sexual element. Being picked up and then cast aside is horrible for anyone; try explaining it to an 8- or 10-year-old who no longer has the babyish attractions, who can no longer get Michael to take his calls, who no longer hears from Michael.

    I feel sorry for Jackson, but the people to feel sorry are those kids who became persona non grata at Neverland.

    As for his family, they should be cut off without a cent and burnt off like the leeches they are. The fight over Michael’s money has only just now begun. It will go on for years and years.
    Really, if Michael had a charity besides himself and Neverland, his money should go there, all of it.

  6. @bryony1 said: “Really, if Michael had a charity besides himself and Neverland, his money should go there, all of it.”

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you there. Michael had three young children to whom he was the only parent. His estate should rightfully be held in trust for them.

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