Should Michelle Obama Have Worn a Black Designer?

should michelle obama have worn a black designer on inauguration day? some people are mad at her already.


Should Michelle Obama Have Worn a Black Designer?

Black Artists Association upset with First Lady

-Stephanie Elliot

michelle obama on inauguration dayPeople are mad at her already. Some of those same people who celebrated Michelle Obama’s entry into the White House are now peeved at her. And for what? For her choice of clothing during her first day as First Lady.

Because none of her Inaugural outfits were made by a black designer.

This has my “God-knows-what-color-the-people-are-who-made-my-underwear” undies in a royal bunch.

The Black Artists Association’s cofounder, Amnau Eele released the following statement about Michelle’s Inaugural outfits: “She had seven slots to wear designer clothes. Why wasn’t she wearing the clothes of a black designer? This was our moment.

Excuse me, Ms. Eele. I beg to differ. Whose moment was it?

Yours? Are you kidding me?


Eele plans to make a formal appeal to Michelle Obama’s office. An appeal to do what? To change her clothes? To tell America she’s sorry she didn’t choose a dress designed by a black person? To apologize for wearing clothes she felt comfortable in, that she liked on what was one of the most important days in hers and her husband’s life?

Who goes out specifically and buys clothes because they are made by someone who has the same color skin?

We finally got a black man into the oval office, and now they’re angry because his wife is not wearing clothing made by a black person? Why was this never an issue when clothing was chosen by a white First Lady? Do the Obamas need to hold a press conference to discuss or defend their outfit choices?

Don’t we have more important issues to tackle the first week we have a new President and First Lady? Won’t Michelle Obama have countless other engagements to don stunning clothing by talented designers of all ethnicities?

Speaking of talented designers, b. Michael had this to say in regards to Michelle being slammed in the press:

“For the record I would like to state that the statement made on behalf of the Black Artists Association does not represent my point of view.

I understand their sensitivity and respect their right to express it.

I personally believe it is an unfair expectation to place on the First Lady.

Fashion is subjective and a matter of personal choice.

As a designer of Color I would encourage the fashion industry, editors and media to lead the way and be more inclusive. True change in America is going to be a collective effort.

As an American Designer I am excited that Mrs. Obama, in her role as the First Lady, will heighten the awareness of American style which resonates into business and jobs in the fashion industry.

I applaud Mrs. Obama for her style and her choices. Most of all for wearing what really matters, Dignity and Grace.

Now THAT’S more like it. Isn’t the whole idea to look BEYOND skin color, to leave racism in the past and MOVE ON – to judge NOT by skin but by talent, vision, quality? Isn’t that why America elected Barack Obama in the first place?

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0 thoughts on “Should Michelle Obama Have Worn a Black Designer?

  1. Oh pullllleeeease. Let that wonderful woman wear whatever she wants. Should Jackie Kennedy have worn dresses by a Catholic designer to support her religion? Should Laura Bush have worn dresses crafted by a mentally-challenged designer to honor her husband?

    Leave Michelle alone. She has enough on her plate and much more worthy concerns.

  2. Mrs Obama is a poised, sophisticated woman and color should not be an issue. We now have a black first familyand they should not have to worry about who will be offended if all their suppliers are white or black. The race issue should not be a part of the presidency

  3. Ugh, she can’t win! These are the same people who want racism in America to die, how is this going to help?
    The First Lady chose an American designer, and that’s cool to me! Color should not have a say in it…We are all Americans, maybe the Black Artist’s Association should be reminded of that…

  4. I agree with you ladies 100%. And, what does it matter, really? Does the race of Mrs. Obama’s designer help to better educate our children, feed the hungry, house the homeless? There are so many more issues far more important than the race of the First Lady’s designer. Let’s focus more on the “change.”

  5. as an african-american i see both sides of the story, but lets not be jaded…if she wore all black designer wear…there would still be backlash…

    butterfly…those “same people” are the ones who built this country and never got their equal share (research freedman’s bureau of the 1800’s and learn of how freed africans and african-americans were GIVEN an equal share of land by one president and DENIED it by the next and it still hasn’t been given to us and president obama reverses that order today, would you still remember we are all americans?…black history month is in february – we should all learn something of the african american struggle for equality in america and why we still don’t have it)

    and lets remember – president obama is a true african american (african father/ameri can mother) and doesn’t have a history steeped in slavery and most african americans in this country have…so, as you stated we are all americans…let’s ALL remember that.

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