Miley Cyrus Gives Her Raunchiest Performance Ever!

The 17-year-old unleashed her bawdiest moves for a gay crowd in London.

Miley Cyrus Gives Her Raunchiest Performance Ever!

The 17-year-old unleashed her bawdiest moves for a gay crowd in London.

-Sarah Polonsky

 Miley Cyrus

Still harboring any beliefs that Miley Cyrus is a good girl? You can throw them out the window because Hannah Montana has officially morphed into a lap-dancing, chick-kissing, panty-flaunting wild child.

The singer has been in London promoting her upcoming album Can’t Be Tamed and she made sure that she lived up to the title of the new LP with an outrageous performance at G-A-Y this weekend. The predominantly homosexual crowd got an eyeful of Miley’s crotch as she rocked out in a Pretty Woman-esque ensemble.

Miley Cyrus

Miley would have been made fully aware that performers at this notorious nightclub often put on their crudest routines, which no doubt gave her the impulsion to go further than usual. Further than giving an old man a lap dance? Yup! At this weekend’s performance, she grabbed one of her female dancers, dipped her and “pretended” to smooch her before stripping down to nearly nothing.

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The moment it got out that the kiss happened, Miley took to her blog and said: “During my performance I supposedly ‘KISSED A GIRL’ and this is the newest thing to cause controversy. I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story. I really hope my fans are not disappointed in me because the truth is I did nothing wrong.”

Does this imply that a kiss between two girls is somehow wrong? (Daily Mail)

 Tell Us: Will the gay community be offended by Miley’s remarks?

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at Betty Confidential.

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0 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Gives Her Raunchiest Performance Ever!

  1. It is kind of offensive, but what’s more offensive is her parents lack of interest in her behavior… oh well.. she’ll be 18 soon enough.

  2. Yeah, it’s offensive. Of course it’s so much more “wrong” to “kiss a girl” than to have your father pimp you out since childhood.
    Also, I hate the word “homosexual.” Homophobes are the ones who use it the most frequently. Gay and lesbian is just fine, thanks. And bisexual and transgendered if you’re feeling adventurous.

  3. The gay community should be offended, little girls should be offended, their parents should be offended and she should disappear and come back when she’s over 21 and its appropriate to act like a crazy trash bag.

  4. It’s strange to think that one would hate the word “homosexual”, since that is the word that is..uh..MORE ACCURATE. What is it with people and “Newspeak” these days?

    Homosexual is THE word, it’s not like there is anything wrong with it. It’s not a slurr. If we find Fred Phelps saying Gay or Lesbian does that mean you’re going to change words again? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure he does.

    Homosexual is the proper word. Unlike the REDEFINED “gay”. Lesbian is proper too I’ll add.

    Why can’t English speakers speak English any more?

    Judging by the Miley story, I’m glad I don’t have any children.

  5. Sur want to find out where she’ll be on her 18th b-day when she turns legal. I don’t respect th slut, I just want to stain her undies.
    Giggity giggity!

  6. I’m lovin’ Miley’s look and her – c’mon, let’s be honest – MILD renegade attitude. She seems to think for herself and is HOT and gets press – what’s not to love? Nothing.

  7. All im saying is that she is a really good kid she just has to lower her party scale!And theres nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian!Miley has kissed a girl before but guess what so have i BITCHES!!Dont hate!!!!I just hope Miley does not grow up to be like Lohan!And i do belive that she didnt kiss her dancer!!!GOD PEOPLE JUST GIVE THE GIRL A FUCKING BREAK!SHES ALMOST 18!!DESICIONS DESICIONS!!!!!!

  8. I’ll tell you what’s more offensive. That voice. She wouldn’t even make it past the first round of American Idol. Or perhaps, she would make it but in the same part of the show where they show the people who think they’re stars but have terrible voices.

  9. She’s trying to copycat GaGa. The reality is Miley is a plain looking girl that is going to get lots of plastic surgery as the years go by and flash us her crotch because she just HAS to get our attention. Get a job.

  10. Oh yeah!! That’s my girl yo~~WOW~~She’s growing up i love miley so much i could have sex with her everyday of my life OH YEAH!!!

    This picture is awesome man
    GOD i love this new miley

  11. If you want to cleanse this image out of your mind click on the link (on the left) for the interview with teen star Selena Gomez. Even if you just glance over the article you will feel better about what today’s popular showbiz teen can and should be.

  12. I personally think that people need to leave her alone…. just like all other celebrities… do people constantly degrade you when you decide to kiss a chick or wear barely there clothing? At least she’s getting paid for it… as for her parents, what could they possibly say, she’s grown… beleive it or not disney stars do grow up into men and women. Let them live their lives.

  13. Ok seriously… What is it that people have against being bisexual, gay, or lesbian? I am happy the she is growing up and starting to break away from the Hannah Montana crap! Let her do her thing and leave her the hell alone. People like you is what drove Brittney insane.

  14. Technically gay means happy so it really shouldn’t be used at all. Homosexual is probably the only some stories can be published because saying gay or lesbian isn’t very professional.

    If this offends you im sorry but its true. If you can’t stand that word being used you should just stay at home because everyon uses it.

  15. I think that people are trying to make her look like a skank or something. She’s still a child and every child needs guidance. So seriously, be talking shit about her, your talking shit about a lot of kids out there who dont hav ethe guidance. Maybe she needs a push in the right direction. Plus, the media has always trashed girls that come from the disney channel, trying to ruin a reputation. So GET A GRIP! She’s still a kid and all kids go through a rebellious stage.

  16. Miley is just a long line of trailer trash that Disney gave a job and she ended up being put in front of our kids and now we see ,you can take the girl out the trailer but the trash stays in her

  17. let the girl do what she wants, i’m tired of people bad mouthing her because they think she’s some baby prostitute!! let’s see….marilyn monroe, madonna, britney spears they were all promiscuous young ladies, but that’s what made them famous!! the entertainment industry is to blame in this situation, sex sells and everyone knows it.

  18. Okay Look!

    Miley Cyrus makes more money than all of you put together.

    Miley Cyrus is a better singer than almost all of you.

    Miley Cyrus is probably going to end up preforming like Britney

    So Shut Your Mouths, You Know Nothing!

  19. First off…I’m tired of seeing people make a fuss over famous people. Screw that. Stop treating them like they are the center of the universe and their actions define the fate of our entire species. They don’t.

    Miley’s life is of NO concern to me. I don’t know her personally, so it doesn’t matter to me, and it SHOULDN’T matter to YOU. Now, if you get upset and say, “Well, she’s a bad influence on young girls!” Always remember…if they’re growing up wrong, it’s not because of people like Miley…it’s because their parents are lazy, and don’t want to raise them, but want to blame the rest of the world when the kid doesn’t turn out right.

    Second…to the person that hates the word “homosexual”…this word is partial derivative. Homo is latin for “Same”, and we all know what “sexual” means. At least, I hope we all do. Homosexual is the appropriate word, as the literal translation would be “samesexual”.

  20. your all idiots why do you all even care about this, you all probably do what miley does you just don’t have the press to show what you do, why don’t you all get a life and actually do something instead of sitting on your computer complaining how bad mily is, instead of complaining about someone else look in the mirror idiots

  21. Hey!Now if Miley wants to act all slutty and stick hey tong/vagina be all lesbian about it and get in anyone’s face!!It should be mine,Ill let her in ANYTIME Miley!!I LOVE YOU,GIRL!!

  22. YOu know in some cultures it is inappropriate to discriminate based on sexual preference. That is fine. I believe it is just as inappropriate to discriminate based on age. The term is agism I believe. Would you believe that in some countries it is actually illegal to drink alcohol until some random age is reached. More power to Miley. I have wanted to do her since she was 13 which is right around when she started menstrating by the way. She’ll be over the hill by 24, so enjoy it while it’s hot my friends!

  23. @ #3. weetziebat

    Why is it so offensive?

    And what the hell is wrong with the word homosexual? You are homosexual. That’s the technical name for what you are. Why is bisexual & trans-gendered okay, but homosexual not? You come across as very unintelligent.

  24. i say she is young let her have her fun. if you guys did not do some wild and crazy things when you were younger im sorry for you but i lived up my younger years and i had a blast would you all be mad if some other wild girl did it NO so leave her alone duh

  25. “Homosexual” is very similar to “African American.” While it may be the proper phrase, it’s borderline offensive in itself. The “politically correct” term is not always the term with the most appropriate connotation, dude, and more often than not when identifying a section of the population, you should use the word with the correct connotation. “Homosexual” is an impartial word, implying alienation. Using the term “gay” or “lesbian” would be far more appropriate for addressing people if you want them to actually care what you say. It’s a pity that people who critique English don’t pay attention to enough aspects of it, BugMeNot.

    And as for the Miley thing, I have two comments for her: 1)No, it’s not offensive, because it caused controversy everywhere that she was making out with a girl in the first place. This site, for instance, just called her a “chick-kisser,” implying that it’s a bad thing, because it was in there with “lap-dancing” and “panty-flaunting.”

    In addition to that, she was in a raunchy gay bar! She probably did the most tame act there, but since it’s Miley Cyrus and not a stripper it’s amazing how bad people can be. Strippers have parents, too, and they don’t get jailed for raising strippers.

    And idk if she’s out of her Disney contract yet, but if she isn’t I hope she gets way raunchier than this just to get out of it. Nobody deserves a Disney-style tyrant.

  26. Actually “homosexual” is discrimination against those of us in the queer community who are not strictly gay or lesbian, but something else, like bisexual, pansexual, transexual, inter-sex people, gender queer people, the list goes on and on. Therefore, “homosexual” is not the preferred term. Also, homosexual makes who someone is sound like a disease.

  27. Why do all or most gays have such thin skin? Stop your whining everytime someone mentions your homo lifestyle. People talk about Blacks and Whites and every other race all the time but once gayness comes up someone cries. GROW SOME SKIN HOMOVILLE!

  28. Ok I think everyone is jelous. Everyone in the world is so perfect (ya right). Really get over it. I can’t say I’m a huge Miley fan and my girls 11 and 13 don’t really make a big deal about her either. We do like some of her music. Everyone just needs something to bi**h about. Stop making such a big deal about it and she won’t feel the need to continue it. We as consumers made it this way (sex sales). People need to teach there own children not to look up to celeberties. Hollywood is so corrupt I will be surprised if Miley doesn’t get screwed even more. I’m sure more than 90 percent of the world (if not more) couldn’t deal with all the fame at such a young age.

  29. I am afraid that this girl is headed the same way as Britney Spears. It is unfortunate that Dad and Mom are not concerned about her behavior. Being a gay person I am appalled by her explanation and trying to weasel out of the show on stage!

  30. omg Miley is so freakin hot. man i swear she is the perfect example of a typical white american girl…. im 17 too … so dont think im a perve … but i swear i would do anything to b wit her

  31. The only reason I’m even reading this is because it’s pretty much like Jerry Springer– definitely can give even the most average among us a feeling of superiority. Who doesn’t love a train wreck? Also because at the moment I’m bored and a friend put a link on facebook that led me here. What a bunch of whiners and busybodies.

    I do agree with a few of the previous posters and I’ll add my own comments:

    1. It is unlikely that any of you know Miley Cyrus personally so WHO CARES WHAT SHE DOES??

    2. If you’re a parent and you’re concerned about “the effect Miley will have on your child” then you haven’t done your job as a parent.

    3. Too many people can’t spell anymore. Get spellcheck. Open your eyes and pay attention to how words are spelled. Maybe then someone with half an ounce of sense might think you’re worth listening to.

    4. Many groups of people in this world are way too whiny. Call a spade a spade. Semantics should be the least of anyone’s problems. If you don’t like the truth, maybe you should change what you’re doing or at least not put it on display!

    5. If all else fails, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

    This message brought to you by someone who has an IQ of 140 (yes, I know, still not quite genius level), speaks four languages fluently and can spell in each of them, has three children who know what is decent and what is not, and is not in debt up to my eyeballs. In my opinion, not a bad choice of who to listen to.

  32. I find it mildly disheartening that this very clearly immature adolescence’s explicit sexual behavior (done purely for shock value) is being justified by her turning 18 in a month (or whenever). She may look like an adult, but she certainly lacks maturity and good judgement (though many people in their 30’s, 40’s, etc. lack it as well). I think when she really becomes an ‘adult’, she will dial back her behavior, realizing that she really does have a lot of influence over young girls (and boys). That would be my measure for a mature adult.

    I would hope that parents don’t allow their children to watch her newer programming but I’m more curious where her parents are. She didn’t have a normal childhood, there was no effort to keep her grounded. Like many child stars, she lives in a fantasy world that will probably get her into trouble soon enough.

    All that being said, if you don’t like whats on T.V., turn it off and read a book to your kid (Never thought she was worth watching to begin with).
    If you want them to be better people, its your job (as parents) to decide what they are exposed to, how they spend their time, and which people are allowed to have influence in their lives. There is no way to completely shield your child from the parts of the world you don’t want them to see (nor are you doing them any favors by trying to do so) but you should certainly have an open enough and honest enough relationship with your daughters (and sons) to tell them why dressing like a skank and trying to shock people with your sexual deviancy is not going to land them on the Forbes list (not that lesbianism is intrinsically a deviant behavior, but for a 17 y/o Disney star, it is).

    I stand by the statement that she is still a child, and blaming her for the corruption of America’s youth is just a scapegoat for bad parenting, and a poor social system in general. When we get the same wrong result over and over again, is the problem in the individual, or is it in the system?

    Just a side note, either people find value in what you say, or they don’t. No shame in it either way. When you have to list your qualifications including I.Q., it makes you look sad and desperate, and any valid points you may have had float off with the thought that this person is pompous. That piled with the suggestion of “mind your own business”, when you are in fact commenting on other peoples lives, choices and thoughts, makes you look like an ass. Pompous ass doesn’t usually win people over, though if your aim is readers controversy is the secondary seller to sex. Just a thought.

  33. I cant wait til shes off the Disney label! She has help corrupt so many young followers.Disney did not have this in mind when they made her their #1 star..if she wants to be like the 80’s Madonna, she needs to get off the Disney wagon and find a label that doesnt cater to tweens…shes no role model and I thought disney would have more care for their consumers than to expose their fans to a girl who CLEARLY wants to be a trashy music star…hAnd her so-called parents? They need 2 be horse whipped with a wet riding crop!!She wants to be grown n sexy soo bad…Disney should drop her b4 she finally crosses the line…shes itching to do it…always pushing the envelope. I’m so over her antics!

  34. You all are so hilarious…

    She’s 17. What part of that do you not understand?

    She’s young, she’s supposed to be stupid- it comes with the territory.

    Besides, most of us weren’t angels at that age, we just didn’t have a butt-load of cameras on our every move 24/7.

  35. And by the way…

    Disney, nor any other label, is responsible for raising your children. You are. End of story.

    If the media is raising your children, maybe YOU should be horse whipped… or fixed.

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