Mistresses Debuts Tonight

Mistresses, a sexy show from across the pond, debuts tonight! Meet the characters!

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Mistresses Debuts Tonight

Check out this sexy show from across the pond

-Cynthia Parsons McDaniel

MistressesForget going out! Mistresses debuts tonight (Friday) on BBC – America at 8 p.m. – make some popcorn and mix up some cocktails, ladies …

Finally a provocative new show for women about infidelity. Each week starting on Feb 20th on BBC America, you will follow four compelling female characters all with their own diverse drama.

Starring some of the UK’s leading actresses, the show takes every possible turn as we get more and more absorbed into each tangled web of their personal and professional lives.

The cast of characters:

Katie ( Sarah Parish) is a well-respected doctor and the rock of the group. She had a an affair with a terminally ill patient for two years, never letting on to her friends anything about it (she’s the listener and the thinker of the group).After he dies, Katie starts an affair with his son. Intrigued?

Trudi (Sharon Small) tries to be the earth mother of the group. She’s more of the housewife type trying to set a good example on coping – something she really needs to learn for herself. Trudi’s a 9/11 widow, who takes two years to find closure and does so when she finally meets someone at her kids’ school. Suddenly a huge check arrives from her husband’s life insurance policy. This can hardly make up for her grief. Then another twist in the road presents itself when we learn he had another whole life…

Siobhan (Orla Brady) is a high-powered lawyer whose husband is so obsessed with having a baby that he has taken out all the erotic steam from the glorious activity of procreation. Siobhan now sees baby making like another court case she needs to win; her marriage feels like nothing more than a merger and acquisition. She can’t help but fall for her co-worker who puts a whole new spin on working overtime. This sexy man has highly erotic ideas while they burn the midnight office oil. Siobhan is the classic workaholic overachiever who believes working women are judged to harshly. I wonder how she’ll fit it all with her staggering workload! We later find out her husband is infertile, and the plot thickens…

Jessica (Shelly Conn) is a party planner with an insatiable and adventurous sexual appetite. She even has her claws into her married boss. Jessica looks at parties like one see friends with benefits — a client can be so much more than just a client. Jessica finds a whole new way of looking at sex when she plans her first lesbian wedding. Jessica is the entertainer of the group. She loves to brag about her conquests and doesn’t ever want to be tied down.

This diverse yet close group of friends has known each other since college and yet all lead very different lives now. They do have one thing in common: infidelity.

Usually we see the husband’s or boyfriend’s side of the story so it’s refreshing and rare to see a show so candid and real. This show is addictive. Each week we look at the character’s various levels of infidelity and see how they justify it all. These women travel emotionally from dizzying heights of ectasy to pure pain from their actions.

I wonder how long it will take American TV executives to copy it. Most commonly thought of as an European practice, infidelity happens more than you know. I think every woman globally will find something to relate to in this refreshing new show.

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