Moms Who Eat Their Words

Betty Blogger Julie advises to never say "never" when you are a parent.
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Moms Who Eat Their Words

When it comes to parenting, never say never. Things we do now that we swore we never would.

-Julie Ryan Evans

Reprimanding a child

When my son was still an infant, I got into my friend “Jane’s” brand new, fancy SUV. It was a lovely vehicle, only once inside it was the dirtiest one I’d ever seen.

There were pretzels wedged into the seats, cracker crumbs here, milk spilt on the leather there. The floor was a combination of crumbs and toys and who knows what else. I was shocked and a bit horrified because this was one of my most clean-freak, Type-A, organized friends ever … well at least before she had two kids.

It was at that point I vowed to NEVER let a child of mine eat in one of our cars EVER.

Well, fast forward about five years, and now my son and I eat together in the car – me, munching my own words and him, on a snack … with the crumbs to prove it.

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0 thoughts on “Moms Who Eat Their Words

  1. My BK self used to judge the behavior of children all the time as it reflected on the parents’ abilities. Instead of rolling my eyes at kids in the store or at church, I just give my fellow moms a knowing smile or an anecdote of my own!

  2. This is so very true. We should all stop being so absolutely sure about things we really have not experienced. Flexibility is everything, especially in parenting. Almost everyone has one of those aha moments in the first 6 months. It’s very humbling.

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