More Reasons to Love Betty White

She's got a new show-Hot in Cleveland.
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More Reasons to Love Betty White

She’s got a new show—Hot in Cleveland.

-Delaina Dixon

Betty White

If popping up in The Proposal, scolding students on The Middle and macking with her grandson MacGruber on Saturday Night Live wasn’t enough Betty White for you, you’re in luck. The “It” gal of the year (sorry Amanda Seyfried and Zoe Saldana!), is headlining a new sitcom, Hot In Cleveland, which premieres on TV Land Prime this June.

Betty plays Elka, the caretaker of a home rented by three L.A. transplants. “They inherit me along with the house,” says Betty. Elka’s been in Cleveland the past 50 years honing a razor-sharp tongue that’s gonna put these Hollywood girls in their places. “I’m a pain in the neck,” Betty declares. If that’s not enough to get you to tune-in, here are three more reasons to watch.

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0 thoughts on “More Reasons to Love Betty White

  1. I think she’s always been very funny, and has a sly and sneaky wit. It’s just that she was always overshadowed by her costars. For most of her life, she’s worked in ensemble pieces and like a very good actor, drew attention to the part and not herself. It’s now her time to shine.

  2. It does feel like a trend to love Betty White… but you have to hand it to the woman. She’s 88 and a half, as she kept reminding us on SNL. She looks great and is healthy. We should be proud of her just for that.

  3. at least the spotlight is on someone who has something to contribute to society – unlike the Lindsays. Paris’ or Heidis of the world – I’ll take Betty over any of those embarrassing airheads any day –

  4. Totally agree with you, Shamrockblonde! Give us more people with real talent, not just those with talent at getting in front of papparazzi – and their biggest claim to fame is a reality show.

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