Nadya Suleman: Nine Things You Might Not Know about the Octuplet Mom

Octuplet mom's nails, naming choices and nose job


Nine Things You Might Not Know about Nadya

Octuplet mom’s nails, naming choices and nose job

-Stephanie Elliot

Everywhere in the news, it’s Nadya, Nadya, Nadya! She’s quickly become the one to watch. Not only will 14 sets of eyes be on her at home, but all of America will be waiting to see how her plan to care for her brood actually works. I for one am dying to see how her crazy life unfolds.

From the fact that she was injured during a riot while working in a psychiatric ward to her well-manicured nails that are sure to be covered in baby poop in no time at all, the world is stunned by this woman and eager to see what she’ll do next! So support her or spurn her, here are some things you may not know about this mama of multiples. And stay tuned; you can bet there’ll be lots more to report!

1. She’s got one daughter named Maliyah. Wonder where she got that name? Maybe this means she’ll run for president next time it’s campaign season? She’s certainly got enough kids to vote for her …

2. Diapers – an average newborn goes through eight to ten diapers a day, and with eight tushies to keep clean (she will be keeping them clean and dry – won’t she? – along with any other non-potty-trained kiddies at home), that averages out to about $7,500 just in diapers the FIRST YEAR … of whose money? Not to mention the fact that she’s going to need her own landfill for those kids’ diapers!

3. But … let’s look on the positive side – Nadya plans on breastfeeding all eight, so she’ll be saving all that money on formula!

4. She insists she wants to provide for her children, and that she will find a way and do it on her own (after she’s done with schooling). However, it has been confirmed that she receives almost $500 a month in food stamps, and three of her children get federal assistance for disabilities. (Keep in mind that $25 – $35 every two weeks goes toward Nadya’s French tip nails. Methinks she is working the system!) Also, according to the Los Angeles Times, “the Kaiser Permanente hospital where the eight newborns remain under care reportedly has applied to the state for assistance with its expenses under the Medi-Cal program.”  So THAT’S how she’s paying her medical bills.

5. If she’s so intent on being the sole parent of these children, why did she give them the last name of Solomon when her last name is Suleman? Is this a clue to who the sperm donor might be?

Nadya’s four oldest children also share the last name of Solomon, and their birth father is listed as David Solomon. I think we need to find the sperm donor David Solomon to help Nadya with some diaper changin’!

6. In case you wanted to send a “Welcome Babies!” card, Nadya’s octi-clan’s names are: Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Makai and Nariyah. Only one lacks the H at the end. Could Makai have been Baby H, the surprise eighth baby? What’s one more mouth to feed when there’re 13 before you anyway?

7. Nadya’s ex-husband, Marcos Gutierrez, tried to get his divorce from her finalized for eight years, which is twice as long as they were married. Her name was listed as Nadya Doud AKA Natalie Denise Suleman, AKA Angelina Jolie (Ha, that last one was a joke!)

8. Nadya’s father, Edward Suleman, returned to work in Iraq to earn money to help support the family. Seems to me he traded one war zone for another.

9. And all the speculation on whether or not she’s had her nose done or her lips plumped? Well, you decide!

Nadya Suleman

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12 thoughts on “Nadya Suleman: Nine Things You Might Not Know about the Octuplet Mom

  1. Heard on the news last night that it sounds as though the CA children’s protective services is going to be involved due to the fact that there will be 14 children and 3 adults living in a 3 bedroom home that is filthy…food on the walls, laundry all over the place.

    If Britney Spears can have her boys taken from her, the gal deserves the same X14.

  2. Ms. Suleman’s case is the extreme version of so many women who have been seeking and obtaining welfare simply by getting pregnant. In her case, she is now entitled to $2,400 in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits (some people erroneously believes that the $800 per child SSI are federal benefits when in fact $300 of the $800 are state benefits and $500 are federal), plus $490 in food stamps. Indeed, she is now getting almost $2,900 tax free benefits just by virtue of having 6 babies and doing nothing except getting some more 8 babies. Add to that another eight, and the sky is the limit for benefits…Did you ever mention personal gain as the motive, besides narcissism? A lot of women gave themselves a “job” by having children out of wedlock, and qualifying for housing, medical and food assistance without ever to take a real job. May be California should revisit the issue of welfare benefits. No wonder the state is bankrupt. And there is still the million or more dollars Kaiser Permanente is seeking from the state for reimbursement of the medical costs for delivering and caring for prematurely born octuplets. And it is likely that some of these octuplets are going to be found “disabled” and awared $800 per month all in care of the mom. Say, 3 more are on SSI and Suleman get at least $4,800 per month, plus thousands in food stamps and FREE housing to boot. Since California is being the magnet for welfare and held up as the future of the country under Obama, think of what a “national healthcare” system will lead to.

  3. Am I right in thinking she was in an IVF programme?…..Why? When she already had six?
    IF and only if she has done this for financial gain, then I feel she is about to learn a very hard lesson. And that is, that there’s more to life than a lot of money!
    I wish her nothing but well….however the childrens welfare worries me.

  4. That’s just plain nuts! If I were her father I’d choose to be in Iraq away from the chaos of the mad house too!

    As for welfare benefits who paid for the IF of all gazillion kids? The doctor who did the IF should be paying child support! Poor kids…..

  5. I agree with all the previous statements and would like to add my 2 cents. How can she afford the IVF in the first place? The first time costs about $ 15K and every time thereafter is about 9K plus they charge you for every egg that is implanted. So she can afford, 7 separate IVF treatments that actually took not to mention that she had previously tried artificial insemination which also costs about 6K, a nose job, lips plumped, upper lip expression line implants, artificial nails and the government is giving her assistance and food stamps. She claims she saved over $100K to have this done, and she is still in school. What kind of job does she have that pays her enough, to have all these medical procedures done while she is still in school. Something smells fishy. This lady is working the system and the american public in a big way. Child Services should definitely be involved in her life.

  6. You all apparently have never lived on social assistance so you think women actually make money from this. You are soooo out of touch. $2900 per month to provide for 15 people – you really think that’s a high standard of living? After paying rent, diapers, clothing, utility bills. If its sooooo lucrative, let’s all quit our jobs ladies and go make babies. This is just the worst type of stereotype against women- the baby-making welfare Mom. And her fingernails- for Christsakes the woman was going on Tv and probably wanted to look nice. Do you have some evidence she does this every two weeks? No, just assumptions made from the safety of internet anonymity. Was her decision to have this many kids responsible? Maybe, maybe not. It was her choice, not the state’s choice to make, and now she has the kids. Maybe all you judgmental Betties should think about those children. The money she now gets does not go to keep her in the lap of luxury, it goes to support 14 young kids, and with the scrutiny of America, I’m sure she won’t be able to put a foot wrong or make any mistakes like all the other parents do at some point without some holier than thou bullshit from you people. Must be nice to be so perfect you can spend your time running her down without feeling any sense of responsibility to be a decent person who gives others the benefit of the doubt when they truly know nothing about that person’s true circumstances beyond what is reported in tabloid rags.

  7. this is for the last person who said we shouldnt assume, I take it your on welfare too.and its not 2,900 for 14 children if you read the article it was 2,900 for 6 kids plus another 4,800 for the other 8 plus food stamps, plus extra because some of the 6 have dissabilities, and these 8 probably will too, what Im worried about is how is she going to nurse 8 babies, sounds impossible,and where is she going to house all these kids, and most of all who is taking care opf these kids while she going to school and working like she says shes doing. ?????? I thougt about this and I really feel sorry for the 14 kids because no ones thinking about them,how there being taken care of, and how they will be shown love and affection????? how is she going to take them to the park and play how will she dress them, change there diapers, and feed them all ay the same time. and is anyone thinking about college for these poor kids???? who ever the docotr was should lose his license for agreeing to do this,knowing she had no way of paying for any of this. docytors are supose to have morals,and thinking about their patients, I dont see how he was thinking about these children, knowing that the last ones had disabilties, yet he went ahead and did it again/then we have to wonder whays wrong with this mother? why is she havinhg all this surgery to look like jolin she has a mental problem and should never have been giving this procedure, I mean really one person is only capable of caring for so many babies at once you ask any one of the mothers who had more than 6 at once and Ill bet they say that this mother needs mental help. she doesnt care about these kids shes only caring about the money and attention it will bring her. she doesnt even have a husband to help her .most people before they decide to have babies they make sure they can afford to care for them. instead there her meal ticket to money fame and shes hoping her fortune I say not to give it to her ,and these babies should be taken away from her and put in a home where they will get what they need love and attention, and I am a decent person, whos only looking out for these poor 14 children who right now will be living in a 3bdrm home with also her mother an father and her where are all these kids going to sleep eat and be able to play??????its just sad these kind of things should never be allowed to happen without a a menta capacity test to see if shes menatally sound to take this kind of responsibility on

  8. If you figure she’s bringing in $8K on assistance plus food stamps, and her father is going to Iraq to make money (and the money is there to be made) then I don’t think she’s going to be hurting.

    This whole story is insane. Her motive is suspect, and if it’s true that she’s having children to make up for some loss in herself then she has no basis for being a mother. Being a mother requires sacrifice and validating your children – your children don’t validate you.

  9. I am not trying to run down this Mom but I do feel sorry for her Mom (grandmother)She is the one caring for these children(6) and Nadya is getting money but has not given her parents anything. Nadya’s Mom was surprised that her daughter was getting any money because she stated so on a tv interview. Why would this Mom get benefits and have her parents foot the bill caring for the 6 children. Sad ,very sad. Nadya needs to step up to the plate and dish out the money she has to care for her children!

  10. To Peggy1116:
    I totally agree with you! She DUMPS her kids on people, as she tried with AIW except, they did NOT tolerate it and called her on it! This is why NATALIE (her REAL name is Natalie Denise Doud-NOT Nadya Suleman-I think she made this up too, along with her MANY other lies. Her poor mother lost her home because of her and only her! She has “PLENTY” of money byt, still EXPECTS/DEMANDS others to PAY HER WAY. This is her m/o and will never change or become responsible. F.Y.I. Tonight on Jane-Velez Mitchell’s Show, a rep. from said that they will be posting pics of Nadya, showing “PROOF” that she was an “ESCORT”-a paid whore! This is most likely where she made up and used that “FALSE” name of Nadya-her “WORKING” name! This is the TRUTH, I swear to god! I almost fell off the chair when I heard that! She is a “PATHILOGICAL LIAR” She’s a FRAUD! You know the saying, Give someone enough rope, and they will hang themselves!

    Natalie HAS DONE JUST THAT! It’s only a matter of time before those kids are taken away from her to be “adopted”, not put in foster care. She also screwed with the wrong person when she messed with Gloia Allred and AIW! I personally would NEVER watch her “BULLSHIT” lieing blogs on RadarOnline but, they FINALLY will be telling the truth regarding NATALIE and her TRUE nature! Being in the public eye or fame also has a double-edge sword and NATALIE DOUD is going to learn that the hard way!!!

  11. Heard on the news last night that it sounds as though the CA children's protective services is going to be involved due to the fact that there will be 14 children and 3 adults living in a 3 bedroom home that is filthy…food on the walls, laundry all over the place.

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