Morning People Are Happier Than Night Owls!

A University of Toronto study found that early-risers are healthier too. We've got 8 tips to make you feel better!
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Cathy Beggan, founder of Rise-N-Shine, LLC, early morning specialist and creator of Wake Up On Time,  an “alarm clock inside of a pill” has the following tips to help turn night owls into early birds overnight.

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1. Avoid chocolate, red wine and coffee in the evening hours. These specific foods have been shown in scientific studies to upset the intestines and disturb sleep patterns more than other foods.

2. Eat dinner at least three to four hours prior to bedtime to allow the food to digest before lying down.

3. Get enough sleep and try to be consistent. Everyone’s sleep allowance is different, so judge accordingly, but it’s more important to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

4. Prepare yourself the night before. Facilitate the transition to morning person by getting some of the everyday tasks out of the way the night before.

5. Try a delayed released energy pill before bed, such as, “Wake Up On Time”. Pop this “all-natural” rooster pill before bed and wake up 6 to 8 hours later feeling alert, refreshed and energized without morning grogginess or sleepiness.

6. Drink a glass of water. The body becomes dehydrated during sleep and lack of water causes many fatigue symptoms in the morning. Water also helps to kick start the body’s metabolism.

7. Think positive thoughts. The night before, write down one positive thought, memory, goal or affirmation and read it when you wake up. Happy thoughts make happy people.

8. Breathe deeply and stretch. Inhaling and exhaling deeply while stretching increases both the oxygen and blood circulation to help increase your mental and physical energy levels.

Tell us: Are you a morning person or a nightowl?

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