My Best Friend's My Four-Year-Old Son

Being a mom can be lonely sometimes.
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My Best Friend’s My Four-Year-Old Son

Being a mom can be lonely sometimes.

-Jennifer Lubell

A mother with her son

My son is at that wonderful age where he can’t get enough of Mom. He spends a lot of time on my lap, playing with my hair, my earrings and the zipper on my sweatshirt. Every so often he tries to kiss me on the mouth…and ends up burping in my face instead. He thinks this is uproariously funny. I end up getting a whiff of what I just served him for dinner.

As a mom who works outside the home, I don’t get to see that much of Alex during the week. It’s not surprising that when the weekend comes, he makes a beeline for Mommy the moment he wakes up and his footie pajamas hit the floor.

From dawn ’til dusk on Saturday and Sunday, we are an inseparable team. We go downstairs to his playroom and write letters, numbers and words on the paper on his giant easel. At lunchtime, my hands get wet and runny with orange pulp as I section the tiny clementines he loves, looking for pits and then putting them on his favorite Thomas the Train plate, along with a square of American cheese and flax seed chips. Sometimes we all rake leaves in the yard, my son and husband and me. Alex picks up fistfuls of dry, crackling leaves with his teeny electric blue gardening gloves, then throws them into the air, showering us both with the scent of autumn. And then we all sneeze and laugh. There are birthday parties, which I secretly call the “cake circuit.” Sometimes there’s a play date or a walk to the park, where Alex flings his Matchbox cars down the slide.

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Many times in the past year my son has looked at me at the breakfast table and said, “Mommy, you’re my best friend.” And then goes back to chewing his cereal. Those words carry a great deal of weight, more than my four-year-old could ever imagine.

As a child who’s already showing signs of popularity among his peers, how would he react if he knew that he and his dad are quite possibly my only friends? I have a wonderful life with my husband and my son. But as the years creep forward, I’m beginning to realize just how small my world has become. It consists mostly of work and family and taking Alex to social activities on the weekends. And that’s about it, really.

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  1. aww!! that’s the cutest little story i’ve ever heard! i can’t tell you that i know how you feel or that i’ve been there too cuz i’m only 19 and childless but, my dad and i had a relationship that sounds just like yours and your sons. i can honestly say that having such a close friendship from the very begining helped me grow up knowing that i can always always always go to my dad for anything without question. even through the years when most my friends hated their parents my dad was always someone i confided in and i know that your son will grow up to appreciate the dedication you have to him and i think having your son and husband as your best friends is adorable. great article i loved it.

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