My Date Hates My Pet – Do I Say: “Down, Boy” or “Stay?”

Sparkology's dating experts weigh in on what you can do if your new guy and your pet are, well, fighting like cats and dogs.
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My Date Hates My Pet – Do I Say “Down, Boy” or “Stay?”

Sparkology’s dating experts weigh in on what you can do if your new guy and your pet are, well, fighting like cats and dogs.

-Michelle Mazzarella

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As much as we love our pets, nobody wants to grow old only with their dog as a companion or turn into a crazy cat lady. You find yourself falling for someone who is just what you’re looking for except he’s not into cats, dogs or pets in general. What does that mean for you and your furry friend? Ten dating experts  weigh in with their advice on whether you should stick with your date…or send him to the doghouse.

Hate’s a strong word! One of three scenarios is probably going on in this situation: Your date hasn’t been around enthusiastic animals, your pet is a jerk, or your date is allergic to your pet. These problems can be solved by finding someone with a similar lifestyle, investing in pet training, or taking allergy medication.

Maria Avgitidis is the owner of Agape Match, a matchmaking firm in NYC that caters to New Yorkers and Greek-American singles.

If your pet is part of the family, it may be a red flag that you won’t be compatible on other matters either. It’s hard to give one-size-fits-all advice without knowing more details, but if it’s a first date or a new relationship, find out if you’re like-minded in significant other ways. If not, it’s probably better to cut your losses now. Also, decide how important it is for you to have your date like your pet. Is it a deal breaker? If not, you may need to compromise and keep your pet away from your date. But I have to caution you, it can make a relationship very difficult.

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Donna Barnes is a life and dating coach, TV expert and author of It’s All About You.

There’s a big difference between hating your pet and just not being as in love with Sparky as you are. Give it some time and observe. If your date mistreats your pet or asks you to give it away, then all bets are off. But if your new relationship blooms and you’ve chosen well, your new guy will start to develop the warm fuzzies for your pet as he develops his love and care for you. A mark of a good relationship is when your partner takes an interest in the things you care about most.

April Beyer is a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach for women who has appeared on Dr. Phil.

If your date hates your pet, get rid of the date. If they are serious about you then they will be willing to learn to love or at least tolerate your pet. Your pet has been with you longer than any new potential date. If it is an allergy issue, then you meet in the middle by keeping your home clean and keeping allergy medication on hand.

Taylor Cast is a dating and relationship expert and the co-owner of The Urban Dater  and author of I Made All the Mistakes (So You Don’t Have To). 

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