My Date Hates My Pet – Do I Say: “Down, Boy” or “Stay?”

Sparkology's dating experts weigh in on what you can do if your new guy and your pet are, well, fighting like cats and dogs.
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It’s a shame to think that an animal could get in the way of two people falling in love with each other. But if you’re close to your pet and a new date has either a terrible allergy or an extreme revulsion to your pet, I’d say the odds of it working out aren’t great. But a mild dislike for your pet shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Maybe keep the animal away from your date in the beginning. If you discover this guy has long-term potential, you can revisit the discussion with him about your pet and what it will mean for the relationship.

Neely Steinberg is a dating/relationships columnist and is Boston’s Premier Dating Coach for the Modern-day Woman. 

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Pets are good judges of character. So if your pet and your date don’t get along, that’s the first sign that the person you’re about to hang with may not really be what you think. The pet came before the date, so correct dating and pet behavior is this: You schmooze up to the date if you want her to like you. So if you want hang out with that person, you’d better buddy up to the pet. That dog, cat, fish, gerbil…they’re going to be your best friend real soon. So if this person doesn’t like your pet, the best four-letter word in the English language is about to be used: N-E-X-T. You don’t give up your pet for anybody.

David Wygant is a dating coach for men and women.

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19 thoughts on “My Date Hates My Pet – Do I Say: “Down, Boy” or “Stay?”

  1. Pets are the most important of our member of our family and they are the given the most important priority among all. But some people don't want to ruin their relationship due to a pet. So for which they would are not interested in allowing any pet to their house.
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  2. For me it depends on what kind of pet you have. Sometimes it can make the relationship strengthen but sometimes break apart. Honestly it should not be the reason of destroying your relationship. All dogs and cats can be train, even birds.

  3. Hate’s a strong word! One of three scenarios is probably going on in this situation: Your date hasn’t been around enthusiastic animals, your pet is a jerk, or your date is allergic to your pet. These problems can be solved by finding someone with a similar lifestyle, investing in pet training, or taking allergy medication.

  4. Some people don't like pet at all and if your date is among those people, I think it's better to keep away pet from such dates. Pets are important for those who petting since long time but it's indeed true leaving long time pet for date is a tough choice. Thanks.

  5. It's a major issue, because most of the people doesn't like the pets to get around them in home even their loved one's would love to have them. Even though they insist to make them like pets they couldn't do that fully as well. But the way you have described in your post is amazing. I was looking for people who pay for essay, as i have got the best one.

  6. I do own a pet and would love to have it all the time with me. My date also hates to have it, but i am so very concerned about my dog, as i need everyone to love my pet. Once i met my pal at Pet Vet Hospitals, he suggested me to have a good relation with both and not to avoid any of them.

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