My First Time in a Sex Shop!

Good times at the launch of San Francisco's newest Good Vibrations.

My First Time In a Sex Shop!

Good times at the launch of San Francisco’s newest Good Vibrations.

-Carolyn French

Good Vibrations

I had never been in a sensuality shop before, and to attend the opening of a brand-new store in the Good Vibrations chain recently was breathtaking … to say the least. I walked in the door and was greeted by G-spot locators, waterproof vibrators, lickable body oil and oh so much more.

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Staff members blissfully circled around the room as I marvelled at the merchandise … and the other guests. I was surprised at the range of people my eyes took in! I spotted a young, inexperienced looking woman curiously eying the wall of dildos while sipping from a glass of wine, a particularly effeminate blonde man laughing with customers and ringing up lotions and lubricants behind the counter, and a beautiful African American “butch” woman catching up with a group of friends just inside the entrance.

Good Vibrations

I also noticed a stereotypically straight couple (who were clearly in their 60’s) checking out books and DVDs on new sex positions.

It was so much fun! You could tell that everyone was simply enjoying themselves, and that absolutely no judging was going on.

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Towards the end of the night I had the pleasure of meeting Events and Publicity Manager Camilla Lombard. As if her wonderful hospitality weren’t enough, Camilla presented me and my date with a goodie – and I mean GOODIE – bag of epic proportions.

Good Vibrations

All in all it was a fabulous evening and it gave me the opportunity to revise my opinion of sex shops in general. I’ve never been a very judgmental person, but the thought of toy stores for adults did carry some negative connotations (mainly because they are typically located in less than desirable sections of town).

I am happy to say that I will never again feel even the slightest bit iffy about walking into a sex shop! My night at Good Vibes was a memorable experience that both entertained and enlightened me.

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

Photos courtesy of Good Vibrations

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