New Year, New You: 5 Celeb-Inspired Life Makeovers

Who says celebs can't teach us anything? From Angelina Jolie to Tina Fey: five celebrity-inspired changes you can make to improve your life.

New Year, New You: 5 Celeb-Inspired Life Makeovers

Who says celebs can’t teach us anything? From Angelina Jolie to Tina Fey: five celebrity-inspired changes you can make to improve your life.

-April Daniels Hussar

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It’s almost the end of January — how has your 2012 been going? It’s not too late to harness the power of a new year to make some positive changes in your life. Here are a few ideas inspired by some truly awesome ladies.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

1. Sarah Michelle Geller – Eat the cake!

Last November, SELF’s cover girl told the magazine: “I’ve been doing the birthday-party circuit with my 2-year-old. Every weekend, we’re at two or three parties. Now, I’m not going to eat the cake at every one, but when it is homemade or looks particularly good, I’ll indulge. I like Carvel ice cream cakes a lot. And really, how is eating a piece of cake bad? Being bad is murdering someone. That’s bad. Don’t do that.”

Life isn’t about extremes — part of taking care of yourself is indulging sometimes. You’ll be more motivated to stick with your work-out and healthy eating goals if you reward and treat yourself now and then!

Jennifer Hudson

2. Jennifer Hudson – Make a major change.

This may seem funny to put right after Sarah “Cake Isn’t Murder” Gellar, but Jennifer Hudson is an inspiring example to all of us who want to make a major change. Losing that weight changed Jennifer’s look, but more importantly, it vastly improved her health, lowering her risk for all kinds of ailments, from diabetes to heart disease. But remember, she didn’t do it alone — as the spokesperson for a major weight loss company, she surely had plenty of support. So whatever the change that YOU want to make — from losing weight to launching a new career — make sure that you build up a support network of people who can help and cheer you on your way.

Tina Fey Amy Poehler
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3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – Make time for your friends.

The BEST part of the Golden Globes? Tina Fey photobmbing Amy Poehler when the cameras panned to Amy during the presentation for “Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical.”

Here’s a video in case you missed the action (wait for about the 22-second mark):

Hilarious! Let’s get a re-cap shot:

Tina Fey Amy Poehler Golden Globes

The point here is that with all the success these two have achieved over the last few years, it’s easy to see that they still have a great time together. And having friends isn’t just about fun — it’s vital to your health. A recent Gallup poll discovered that one of the keys to happiness is being social; a decade-long Australian study found that older people with a large circle of friends were 22 percent less likely to die during the study period than those with fewer friends; new Harvard research suggests that strong social ties could promote healthier brains as you get older … the list goes on and on. So, even if you feel like you’re too busy, don’t be — make time to cultivate new friendships and foster the ones you already have.

And never miss an opportunity for a great photo bomb!

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

4. Angeline Jolie – Give back.

We all love to drool and gawk over the spectacle that is the gorgeous Brangelina clan, but no matter what team you might have been on (Jen! Angie!), the fact remains that Angelina Jolie has done a ton of good in the world. According to MSN, since becoming a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in August 2001, Angelina has visited refugees in 20 countries, including Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Jolie-Pitt foundation has donated millions of dollars to organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (an organization that provides health services in Somalia), and to causes like the Joplin tornado relief and the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts.

Now, the rest of us mere mortals of course can’t donate millions or fly around the world doing good, but we can make a difference. And, once again, giving back is something that helps you too: according to a recent report by the National Service Foundation, “Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.”

What are you waiting for?

Christina Applegate

5. Christina Applegate – Take charge of your health!

In 2008, Christina Applegate underwent a double mastectomy to treat her breast cancer. Since then, she’s launched a successful TV show, become a mother and started a non-profit organization, Right Action for Women, dedicated to educating women about what it means to be at “high risk” for breast cancer and encouraging them to talk to their doctors about appropriate screening.

Christina is an inspiration — not just for having beaten cancer and turned something so scary and devastating into an opportunity to help others — but for the example she sets of taking your health into your own hands. If there’s an appointment you’ve been putting off (like a dermatologist to look at that mole, or your gyno for an overdue exam) … make it! If you can’t count on yourself to take care of you, who can you count on?

Tell us: What are some of your big goals for 2012?

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