New Women's Health Risks

The latest news has been loaded with bad tidings-especially for women--this year

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New Women’s Health Risks

The latest news has been loaded with bad tidings–especially for women–this year 

-Susan Crandell

artimg05932.jpgThere are several pieces of recent research that have revealed three new women’s health risks you should must know now.

Meat and Your Heart 
Okay, our hearts are essentially meat, but that doesn’t mean they are happy when we eat it.  A study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute published in The Archives of Internal Medicine this year found that eating too much meat could shorten your life.  Reducing meat consumption to match the bottom 20 percent of the half million people studied (that’s less than 5 ounces a week, so you have to really think vegetarian) reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by a whopping 50 percent for the women studied.  Bonus points:  It also reduces the risk of cancer death by about 20 percent.

Alcohol and Your Breasts
Two major studies point to an association between alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk.  A study of nearly 1.3 women by epidemiologists at Oxford University in Great Britain, published in February, found that just one drink per day (whether liquor, beer, or even the glass of red wine we used to feel good about drinking because research showed it protected against heart disease) increased by six percent the risk of developing breast cancer by age 75.  A study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, published around the same time, found a 24 percent increase in breast cancer for women who consumed 14 or more drinks a week.  If you’ve had breast cancer, a third piece of research suggests you should stop drinking altogether.  A study just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who drank alcohol had a 30 percent higher risk of developing cancer in their other breast than women who did not.

Melanoma Alert 
Most of us know the classic risk factors for this serious skin cancer:  pale skin, blistering sunburns, freckling, a family history.  Now researchers at New York University School of Medicine have found a hereditary link for melanoma.  Women who have this genetic variation are four times as likely to be diagnosed with the disease, the deadliest form of skin cancer, before age 50.  About 38 percent of the women with the MDM2 genetic variation were diagnosed between 30 and 39.  If these results are duplicated in other research, a genetic test could identify women at high risk, just as the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene tests now do for breast cancer.

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0 thoughts on “New Women's Health Risks

  1. I tell you, it’s getting to the point that practically everything you eat in this country causes some problem. I say, when you’re number is up, it’s up. Go out and enjoy your life and stop worrying about every item of food you can’t eat. Eat in moderation and you’ll be fine!

  2. wow…I agree with statements 1,3,4. And ya know, I agree that we ought to limit some things that are obviously bad for us (like eating pizza or fast food all the time), but life is for living! Enjoy it! Eat all things in moderation. Eating fast food a couple times a month won’t hurt you, same with eating out at a restaurant or indulging in that piece of cake or pie. As long as you have a limit on your calories (i.e. don’t eat 2000 or 2500 calories if all you do all day is sit at a desk and don’t get a good amount of exercise…meaning cardio for 30 min or more)-without counting them and thus driving yourself crazy-you’ll be fine! Enjoy life! Don’t spend it fretting over how everything on the face of the earth can kill you. Because let’s face it, EVERYTHING on earth will kill your or harm you in some way if you use/eat/drink, etc. it too much…even water!

  3. Oh dude, gingers are fucked. I have pale skin and freckles! >.< I stay outta the sun most though. I don't get why pale skin is cancer-attractive. It's not my fault I can't get a tan! Not that I'd want one, orange is a horrible colour!

  4. This is not the first study done with results that show diets with which people consume large amounts of meat protein have higher risks of cancer….we should really be eating more of a Mediterranean style diet…which suggests eating red meat only once or twice a MONTH – just saying….
    ok stepping of the soap box now..

  5. the wine news is depressing! i thought it was supposed to be good for us–bummer. hoepfully next week another study will dispute these–doesn’t that always happen?

  6. All in moderation, that’s the key. Every day there’s some new statistic saying don’t do this or that. Enjoy your life, it can be over tomorrow and you’re going to worry about red meat?

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