Nicki Minaj vs. Her Own Fans: Mean Betty Ponders the Twitter War's Silliness

Nicki Minaj went to war against her fans on Twitter recently, resulting in the deletion of her account. But was it really wise? Mean Betty wonders...

Nicki Minaj vs. Her Own Fans: Mean Betty Ponders the Twitter War’s Silliness

Nicki Minaj went to war against her fans on Twitter recently, resulting in the deletion of her account. But was it really wise? Mean Betty wonders…

-Mean Betty

Nicki Minaj

Oh, kittens. Meanie understands the anger many celebrities bear the Internet. She really does. It invades their privacy. It insults their fashion choices. It even steals their work. But there are ways to handle and respond to such Internet-caused problems… and then there are ways to AVOID handling and responding to such Internet-based problems at all costs. The following tale is one such example.

For the purposes of this exercise, Meanie would like to call on rap star Nicki Minaj to take the hot seat. Over the weekend, rather a lot of drama occurred on Twitter with regards to one of Nicki’s fan sites, with the end result being that Nicki furiously deleted her own Twitter account (for the curious, @NICKIMINAJ). Here, as Meanie understands it, is what went down:

Two weeks ago on April 3rd, Nicki released her second studio album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. However, she discovered on Sunday that, which happens to be one of the biggest fan sites devoted to the eccentric rapper, posted songs from the album before its release. Nicki was obviously not pleased, so in retaliation, she blocked on Twitter.

Can you guess what happened then, kittens? That’s right: War! War on a massive, Twitter-based scale! In the bloody battle that followed, some of Nicki’s 11 million followers took her side; others took the fan site’s side; and after much horribleness on all sides, Nicki finally shut down her Twitter account altogether.

Such drama!

According to Global Grind, Nicki’s final Tweets leading up to the deletion of her account go as follows (and note, kittens, that these are taken verbatim, lack of punctuation, absence of capitalization, and general destruction of basic grammar and all). First:

“And that’s exactly why I’m paying the barbz DUST right now! And deleting my twitter. Smdh – don’t cry 4 me argentina”


“On 2nd thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet. *side eyes them*”


“Exactly. Posted leaked music! *deletin twttr* RT @NickiBarbPink: @NickiDaily kno why they got blocked.”

And finally:

“Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye”

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NickiDaily, naturally, responded with a parting shot of their own: They not only deleted THEIR Twitter account as well, but more devastatingly, they shut down their site entirely. Should one attempt to visit now, one encounters only the word “CLOSED” printed forlornly across a white page while Nicki’s melancholy song “Dear Old Nicki” plays in the background.

Oh, kittens. What. A. Mess.

Why is it a mess? For a number of reasons, the biggest one of which is that this whole sordid affair boils to down to the fact that a large variety of adult individuals seem to have regressed rather violently to their five-year-old selves. Should NickiDaily have leaked the music? Of course not. Though Meanie does not in any way support SOPA, PIPA, or any of the wide variety of proposed legislation that would severely limit freedom of speech on the Internet, she also does not condone piracy. But is deleting one’s Twitter account really an appropriate way to respond? What, precisely, does it accomplish? In starting a Twitter war of this magnitude with a group of her fans, Nicki has no doubt alienated a good portion of her fan base—which, of course, will negatively affect her success. Furthermore, the closure of NickiDaily means that there is now one less place a Nicki fan could go to in order to indulge his or her Minaj obsession.

And finally: Nicki had 11 million Twitter followers. ELEVEN. MILLION. Twitter is one of today’s most important marketing tools for everything from products to companies to celebrities. By deleting her account, Nicki has completely shuttered one of the most efficient ways of marketing herself. 11 million people will now no longer be receiving news about Nicki directly from the source. In light of this loss, does deleting a Twitter count in a moment of fury really seem like such a wise decision? Perhaps… not.

Of course, should Nicki realize what a foolish act this hotheaded deletion was, she has 30 days to reactivate it and reclaim her space in the Twittersphere. Should she fail to do so, however, her Twitter will remain permanently deleted. She could, of course, decide to start over with a new account—but she would have to recollect all 11 million of those followers lost in the destruction of her previous one.

As for Nicki Daily? Meanie has some words of advice for them, too. They are as follows: It may perhaps be unwise to anger one such as Ms. Minaj. After all, she could choose to prosecute. Would a lingering law suit really be worth the momentary gratification of hearing a track a little earlier than the rest of the world? Meanie doesn’t think so.

Kittens, don’t you think it’s time to grow up?


Mean Betty

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