Nicky Hilton, Tracy Reese and Fashion Luminaries on Inspiring Women

Nicky Hilton, Georges Chakra, Tracy Reese and more answered this question!
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Nicky Hilton, Tracy Reese and Fashion Luminaries on Inspiring Women

Nicky Hilton, Georges Chakra, Tracy Reese and more answered this question in honor of Women’s History Month!

-PJ Gach

 nicky hilton

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we wanted to know who inspires these very creative people. We asked jewelers like Nicky Hilton, designers like Tracy Reese, Georges Chakra and more, editors, beauty professionals who were the women that gave them the impetus to create, to do what they do.

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Diane von Furstenberg is a very inspiring woman to me. She’s an amazing designer, philanthropist, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur. Her career has flourished over decades and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s built a huge global brand and is designing everything from clothing to cosmetics and luggage. After being in fashion for over 40 years, she still manages to be one of the most talked about, trendsetting designers in the business.”

Nicky Hilton, jewelry designer 


georges chakra and model

“I deeply admire Hollywood’s golden age and post-war era actresses such as Rita Hayworth, Gina Lolobrigida and Sophia Loren. They had a very inspirational combination of looks and grace. Their clothes enhanced their charm and they symbolized the ultimate glamour and femininity.”

 -Georges Chakra, designer, Georges Chakra

“Although, I have not been impacted by one single woman, I was inspired by a cluster of women that forged their own path and defied stereotypes like Madonna, Phoebe Philo, Rei Kawakubo (designer of Comme Des Garcons), Audrey Hepburn, Alice Waters and Katherine Hepburn. Beyond that I am also inspired by women who managed to thrive and make a serious impact in male dominated fields like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Sophia Coppola and Diane Sawyer.”

susan wooSusan Woo, designer Level 99

“I think aside from my mother and grandmother – who, well, duh, them, obviously – one woman who really inspires me is Jane Pratt, the founder of Jane Magazine and Sassy. During high school Jane Magazine’s witty, irreverent coverage made me feel infinitely less like an out-of-place oddball. It gave me hope that when I grew up, there would be a whole world of fascinating, funny people who loved all the same things I did. And, it turns out, Jane was right! Now that I’m editing at, I think very often about how much that much that magazine meant to me. I only hope that we can offer the same experience to oddballs everywhere.”

Jennifer Wright, Editor-in-Chief,


“She is not afraid to wear hot pants to a board meeting or fly-fishing. For her, the dining room table is for feasts she makes for family, as well as for impromptu dance parties  with friends. A big steak is nothing to fear, nor is running with the bulls. People to Plato, Brittney to Bach, Gap to Gucci, she makes all her own. And, she is never, ever shy with a big hearty laugh at life and with others. Grandma, girlfriend, buddy, baby, mentor, mom or simply you…”

eduardo baniff and paco mccauleyEduardo Braniff and Paco McCauley, co-creators Franklin and Gower

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 “What woman inspires me? I can honestly say that there is not a particular woman that I am inspired by. I would have to say I am inspired by ALL women. The woman who can do it all, while making it look effortless. She may or may not have a “full time job” in the traditional work force, but she has a family, a well organized household, happy, healthy children and a partner that is in sync with her.

She, of course, is a pro at multi-tasking, can put out fires, wipe away tears, offer encouragement and all the while planning and organizing the next event.

She is surrounded by good friends, because she herself is a good friend. She knows how to “let go” and have fun. She cares about our planet and the environment and makes sure that her children do as well. I find THAT woman to be truly inspiring.”

Dori Aveau, co-Founder bleuFEATHER


 “From early on, my mother and grandmother were extremely influential, they were my first ‘fashion icons’. My mom sewed for herself and for me and my sisters. She taught me to sew and encouraged me to design my own clothes and put ‘total looks’ together. She was very sassy and stylish. Grandma was and is very elegant and ladylike. She made her own hats back in the ’40s and some of them were really killer!”

tracy reese-Tracy Reese, fashion designer, Tracy Reese

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