Nicky Hilton, Tracy Reese and Fashion Luminaries on Inspiring Women

Nicky Hilton, Georges Chakra, Tracy Reese and more answered this question!
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“She adored her garden and spent a lot of time there — usually ‘done up’ with very nice flowered gloves! One of my fondest memories is of her rubbing her hands over some lavender, rosemary and sage, then placing her hands in front of me to smell, and then rubbing her hands through my hair. I grow the same plants for that very reason and think of her often. “

Denise Estrada, owner of Melange Perfumes

“My sister, Sheila Egan. She lives with a rare, terminal, and incurable lung disease called LAM, but refuses to live life like a sick person, even though she’s had many lung collapses, major surgeries, and extended hospital stays over the years. She works, goes to school, raises two children, and never complains about her health situation. (Although I think she has every right to do so.) That’s what I truly consider well-being. It’s an inspiring way to live.”

-Christine Egan, Editor-In-Chief,

 “My inspiration my mom. She came to America when she was almost 40, from India (didn’t just changes cities but continents), with four small kids ages 12 to 5 and in the process taught us it’s never too late to make a change for the better if you are willing to work hard. She is strong, inspirational and just amazing.”

Anise Rawji, National Sales Director, Saivana

 “I’ve always been inspired by my mother. When we were children, we used to play dress up and our mother used to encourage us to try on her clothes. Her clothes smelled of Miss Dior or Tabu by Dana so to this day, if I smell either of those fragrances I have vivid memories of my childhood and  playing dress up with my mother.”

son jung wanSon Jung Wan, designer, Son Jung Wan

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