Nicky Hilton, Tracy Reese and Fashion Luminaries on Inspiring Women

Nicky Hilton, Georges Chakra, Tracy Reese and more answered this question!
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 “My mother always continues to inspire and amaze me. She taught me to see the world through passionate eyes and to accept life’s hardships with grace. From her I learned to listen to and trust my heart and be generous not just with material objects, but with time, energy and love.”

Sam Na, designer and CEO, Urban 1972

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“We are both inspired by our mothers, Anita Jain and Amy Yacobovsky, for teaching us the importance of being strong and independent, for instilling in us the drive to fight for what we want, and for serving as examples of the types of women we hope to become.”

-Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, Co-Founders,

“I was so lucky to have a grandmother, Grandma Elizabeth who inspired me in so many ways. From my fashion sensibility to my personal passion and drive as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, sister, friend and daughter. As a first generation, Scottish immigrant, whose family came to America like many others to seek a better life, she truly made an impact on everyone around her. She became a registered nurse to help support her family and later in life worked as Billy Holidays private nurse. Despite a busy work life and family life, Elizabeth constantly retained a graceful presence, making her absolutely chic and amazing. I can only hope that I have an impact on someone’s life the way she had on mine. I was honored to give my daughter her name and I hope that she will embody the same integrity and style that my grandmother, Elizabeth invoked.”

heather thomas– Heather Thomson, Founder and CEO of Yummie Tummie


“I’m the type of girl who knows what my weaknesses are. So, I’m particularly inspired by women who excel in areas that I am weak in. I’ve made great advancements on this journey after meeting Jan Wannstedt. I’m pretty confident she isn’t even aware of the effect she has had on me as a woman. I’m sure she has no idea that through her actions, she has shown me the kind of person I want to become. Jan is refreshing because she’s genuine and sincere in a world and business that can easily create a pretentious personality. She’s comfortable in the company of everyone from diplomats to the doorman.

My friend Jan is a woman that continues to inspire me to be a kinder and more thoughtful person.”

Maria Cavanaugh, CEO, bigRuby, LLC

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