No More Needle Panic!

A much less scary alternative is on the way.

No More Needle Panic!

A much less scary alternative is on the way.

-Jane Farrell

Woman getting a shot

No matter how brave we try to be, most of us still don’t like the idea of an eight-inch hypodermic being sunk into our flesh.

We ourselves deal with it by simply refusing to look, but for those who can’t bear even that momentary prick, help will soon be at hand, according to the BBC. Researchers at Emory University and Georgia Tech say that the patch, which is smaller than the top of your index finger, contain about 100 “microneedles” that just dissolve when they touch your skin.

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Tests performed on mice showed that three months after getting a flu vaccine via the patch, the immune response was even more effective than the conventional needle vaccine, the BBC reported. The researchers, who plan further tests, say that vaccines contained in the patch could be much more easily distributed in a pandemic.

Patients may even end up giving themselves the vaccine. According to the BBC, lead researcher Sean Sullivan says, “We envision people getting the patch in the mail or at a pharmacy and then self-administering it at home.”

That sounds so much better than sitting terrified in the doctor’s office. (BBC)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. It’s definitely great news. I hope they’ll be able to devise a way to use the patch for insulin as well. And having blood drawn is not fun, but you get used to it. I’ve had to have mine tested on a weekly basis for the past 6 years; (anemia, which nearly did me in :( )and I still have to look away.

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