No Screaming Kids Allowed In This Restaurant!

Why should parents let kids go crazy?
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No Screaming Kids Allowed In This Restaurant!

Why should parents let kids go crazy?

-Carrie Vining Spanier

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Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated! is what the sign reads in the window of Olde Salty’s restaurant, in Carolina Beach, NC. Not tolerated? Wait, are parents supposed to actually, you know, parent? No wonder so many feathers are ruffled!

Just the mere mention of this topic starts as many arguments as any political issue.

Here’s how it goes: We’re too hard on kids today! You’re not hard enough! We expect too much! You let them act like little animals while we text and talk on your cells! What’s with our new generation of parents, anyway? Are we so distracted and self-absorbed that we have forgotten our own manners? Have we become so entitled that we think our kids can do anything they want? My parents would never have let me get away with that!

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Is that really true? Did our parents rule us with such a firm hand? Well, if you ask my mom, Judi Vining, she’ll tell you! Just the other night at a family dinner, I mentioned this little piece I was beginning to write and that alone set the table ablaze. “When you were little, Carrie, I spent more time outside than in my seat actually eating,” Mom proudly announced. “If you and your sister didn’t behave, we were gone! Not a discussion, it wasn’t up to the restaurant. It was our problem to deal with, .and we did!” I do remember the parking lot of one restaurant quite well.

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0 thoughts on “No Screaming Kids Allowed In This Restaurant!

  1. I work at a resturant and sat a table only to have them come back to me less than 3 minutes later asking to be sat outside alone on the patio and warned me not to put any children near him! He said he did his time, now he wants his peace at dinner! I understand how kids can be but parents really need to be a little more considerate to other patrons and also to the staff. If your kids make a mess, clean it up!!!

  2. i got kids and i dont take them out i dident take them till they were old enough to sit and eat without running and acting like they were crazy so all you other parents need to leave them or make a kid section so when i go without mine i dont wanna put up with yours

  3. it’s too bad that parents aren’t teaching children manners at a very young age, because a child that is aloud to display ridiculous behavior will most likely turn into that sort of adult (how becoming is that?). I do see some children that are well behaved, but they are far few and in between. I personally won’t go to a restaurant that will let kids scream and run like unchained razorbacks or let adults talk loudly on their cell phones (just as bad as kids). I used to waitress and most parents wanted to bring their sloppy little rugrats so they could leave the mess for me to clean up; and I want to thank them, because I never had children thanks to them. If this upsets you to read this, get a life and a clue…nobody wants to put up with your kids!..stay home and cook like a REAL MOM!

  4. I teach my son manners,I also make him happy, and a happy child doesn’t scream, in public places. Ask your child what they want. Parents a worried about their self n not their children, if your taking your child to dinner then take them where their aloud to be kids. My life is about my child, and if my child is happy i am happy!

  5. “The Years Before 5 last The Rest Of Their Lives” Heard this before? If we don’t teach basic social skills, manners & class who will? Their friends… I think not! I enjoy the sound of children playing & laughing, when I go to Chucky Cheese or any “family oriented” restaurant… Expect it or go somewhere else. If I go out for steak, on a date to a dimly lit dinner at 7 kinda place I most certainly do not think it’s appropriate to have a child screaming & ranting all over the place.

    Be reasonable people…

  6. I can’t stand kids running wild at restaurants like if youre sitting in a booth and they are literally chimming in our your conversation instead of sitting down. Screaming kids at restaurants just as annoying. My kids are innocent of this but I remove them from the situation immediately. I was out with my two kids alone and we were eating at a restuarant my 1 yr old son went beserk. As soon as he did I told the waitress to bring to go boxes and I ran the heck out of there as soon as I could. Parents control your kids. If they are screaming at a restuarant take them to the bathroom till they cool off or outside to the car. It’s not rocket science. Just parenting and being considerate to other patrons.

  7. Just use common sense. Like macmomof3 said it’s easy enough to take the children outside until they calm down. And I agree with killerqueen77 completely: teach your children the manners and social skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. When I see people out in public who don’t parent at all I realize why so many people grow up to be rude jerks as adults.

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