Nolcha Fashion Week: Care for Kenya

Kenya meets fashion head on!
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Nolcha Fashion Week: Care for Kenya

 Kenya meets fashion head on!

 -Brittany Roshelle Davis

 show me your mumu

Nolcha Fashion Week is almost here! This season (February 10 -13), they’re not only bringing cutting edge fashion designers to the world, they’re giving back with a sassy sense of fashion. Care For Kenya  is a non-profit organization based in New York helps underprivileged women and children in Kenya with microfinancing initiatives, scholarships, and orphanages. Care For Kenya has teamed up with New York fashion designer Cammy Herbert to blend fashion with passion. Herbert’s label, Show Me Your Mumu , will combine mumu shirts with Kenya fabrics handmade in Kenya for an utterly fabulous Kenya Collection. Kerry Bannigan, CEO of Nolcha, is here to discuss how you can sport fashion and support a good cause.

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Betty Confidential: Why did you decide to work with Care for Kenya?

 Kerry Bannigan: After a successful collaboration in 2010 with the Nolcha Cares Collection, I wanted to continue to support the organizations mission by connecting them to the fashion media and industry, sharing their story of how they promote business growth for women in Kenya via fashion.

Betty Confidential: What’s in the Show Me Your Mumu – Care For Kenya Collection?

 Kerry Bannigan: The Show Me Your Mumu : Care For Kenya collection will consist of the Original Mumu and The Muniversal Tote. Both items are going to come in a wide variety of fun, vibrant color prints & fabrics that scream Spring and Summer. The tote is great: you can take it to the beach, take is for grocery shopping, or wear it out on the town.

 Betty Confidential: I purchase a fabulous bag made by designer Cammy Hebert. How does that help Kenya?

Kerry Bannigan: First of all, it employs the women of Kenya! With every purchase made of the “Show Me Your Mumu: Care For Kenya Collection,” all of the proceeds are going directly back to the women of Kenya. In particular, the women of Kibera: the slum capital of Kenya.

 Betty Confidential: All of the proceeds?!

 Kerry Bannigan: All of the sales proceeds. In the case of this project, the initiative is to alleviate poverty with proceeds going to the Kibera Women’s Center where many of these entrepreneurs work. The designers of Show Me Your Mumu told me they want to get it going because it will create a functioning business for these women, where they can continue to work together, retail these beautifully authentic textiles from Kenya, and ultimately, they can be empowered. Nolcha is excited to help build the excitement around this project so that the women of Kibera can continue to be a part of the fashion industry in the future.

What it’s like to be a female entreprenuer, info on Nolcha Fashion Week and more, next…

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  1. These mumus are wonderful – very fun and energetic team — and the ladies are on for an interview and exclusive pre-retail sale of their Spring 2011 collection.

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