Now Presenting 'The Evil Dead,' Starring Lily Collins as… Bruce Campbell?

Lily Collins is in talks to star in the planned remake of The Evil Dead-as Bruce Campbell's (male!) character.

Now Presenting ‘The Evil Dead,’ Starring Lily Collins as… Bruce Campbell?

Lily Collins is in talks to star in the planned remake of The Evil Dead—as Bruce Campbell’s (male!) character.

-Lucia Peters

Lily Collins

Well, this is an interesting casting choice: Lily Collins, who is currently gearing up for the release of Snow White flick Mirror, Mirror (not to be confused with Snow White and the Huntsman), may be tackling another form of evil soon—because she’s in early talks right now to star in the planned remake of 1981 horror schlockfest The Evil Dead.

Here’s the funny bit: She’ll be playing Bruce Campbell.

Are you laughing a little bit imagining this:

Lily Collins Snow White

Playing this?:

Bruce Campbell Ash

Because I sure am.

For those of you who haven’t seen the original, The Evil Dead was one of Sam Raimi’s first films. It starred a very young Bruce Campbell as Ash, one of five college students whose vacation (naturally in a cabin in the woods) takes a turn for the worst when they find and play an audiotape that releases evil spirits.

It is utterly, utterly ridiculous.

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Which is why it spawned two incredibly successful cult favorite sequels, The Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn and Army of Darkness. They’re campy; they’re hilarious; and miraculously, the remake of the first film, planned for a 2013 release, has both Campbell’s and Raimi’s blessings. In fact, they’re producing it. The new Evil Dead will be directed by Fede Alvarez, a South American director best known for the short film Panic Attack, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, it “aims to take the property back to its serious and bloody horror roots, bypassing the comedic elements that became more prevalent as the sequels went along.” That’s kind of sad-sounding, as the comedy was what made the two sequels so great; but hey, maybe the remake will be the film that the first one was always intending to be (and somehow just wasn’t).

Bloody Disgusting is describing Lily’s character, “Mia,” as the female version of Ashley J. Williams, better known as Ash and originally played by Campbell. “To reveal more would ruin the movie,” BD said; however, it does go on to offer a pretty thorough run-down of where the film seems to be going:

“In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. As we also exclusively reported, there is a drug subplot.

“As previously explained, David is a mechanic and is engaged to Natalie. Mia is the friend who is heading to the cabin to detox; Olivia is her best friend/nurse. Eric, presumably, is the kid who unleashes the demons.

“After a recent overdose, Mia struggles with her new-found sobriety. She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!”

Could be a nice change of pace for Lily after her time as a fantasy princess. And hey, if she’s got a running list of Genres to Act In Before I Die, here’s another one to check off!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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