NY Chic City Style vs LA Cool Style

Both cities are hot, which city's style is cooler? You be the judge.

NY Chic City Style vs. LA Cool Style

Both cities are hot, which city’s style is cooler? You be the judge.

-Brittany Johnson, NewYorkGirlStyle.com

ny vs la style

New Yorkers are fast paced and loud, while Los Anglinos are laid back and relaxed. New Yorkers take cabs, subways and trains to get to where they are going. In Los Angeles, dwellers hop in their convertibles and drive. New York residents embody a style of classy chic, while Los Angeles denizens pull their looks from the ideal of bohemian comfort.

The differing fashion trends and styles of New York and Los Angeles stem from the climate differences. New Yorkers experience the harsh highs and lows of each season, whereas Los Angles dwellers thrive in warm sunny weather almost year round.

New York style

NYC style is chic: effortless sophistication, with fashionistas bundled up in enough layers to face the fickle elements. The city’s style is an amalgam of Wall Street business, Upper-West Side prep, Lower-East side hip, and various degrees of punk. Black is the color of choice for these trendsetters from their heels to their fingernails. New York style is everything but comfortable.

new york style

When constructing a NY chic look, pair an embellished top with dark designer denim. Finish with a structured blazer or leather jacket and sky-high stilettos. This outfit can be used to wear to work, and then out to play. New Yorkers have to think about these kinds of things, because there is simply not enough time to make it home after a day in the office to change before going out.

LA style

The California cool look is all about styling yourself by instinct rather than trends. There is less emphasis on appearing polished–-undone hair and makeup can look amazing. The emphasis on L.A. style is placed on comfort. Maxi-dresses, loose tops, fitted jeans, and a pair of leather flip flops are the standard for the area.

la style

To create an outfit with a Cali vibe, I’d suggest that you pair a flowy bohemian  dress with espadrilles or wooden heels. This outfit can be worn through out the day. When you hit the town at night,  trade the loose dress with a more form fitting one. Finish your L.A. look with minimal makeup and natural hair spritzed with salt water to create beachy waves.

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