Two Airlline Seats for the Obese

this is about how the obese get free seats on airlines

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Two Airline Seats for the Price of One … if You’re Obese

That’s sure going to encourage fitness

-Julie Ryan Evans

airplane seatsIt’s happened to me numerous times. I’m in my airplane seat waiting for takeoff, and an extremely large woman starts walking down the aisle. You can feel the tension as the other passengers simultaneously try to avert their eyes and will her to keep walking. Then she stops … at my row.

Sure I feel bad for her and the stigma that obesity can bring, but it also pisses me off, because damn it, I paid for an ENTIRE seat, and instead I’m left with only a portion of it. I spend the entire flight uncomfortable, trying shrink myself and seething that the individual should have bought another seat – that the airline should have required her to.

In Canada, they’re doing something to address the issue, but instead of the requiring large individuals to purchase the necessary space, last week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that obese people should get two seats on airlines … FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

So let me get this straight, I can’t even get pack of peanuts and I have to pay if I want a blanket, but if I pork up, I can get an entire seat for free?

If the obese get an extra seat, how about me when I’m PREGNANT? Or how about an extra free seat for a mother with a child … certainly flying with one could be defined as a disability in some terms, no?

I’m sympathetic to the plight of the obese in flight, but c’mon, sometimes you have to pay the price for the choices you make…

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TELL US: What do you think, should the obese get an extra free seat on airlines or should they be required to pay?

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