Obsessed: Louboutin Wedges

The chain-link details make my knees weak.

Obsessed: Louboutin Wedges

The chain-link details make my knees weak.

- PJ Gach

Audrina Patridge

I’m asking you, who doesn’t love a high heeled shoe? Wedge heels give you super duper height, a bit more stability than a stilletto heel and are a hot summer trend. When I saw these Christian Louboutin Macarena 120Wedges ($525.76, mytheresa.com), my heart went pittypat. Audrina Patridge, Mena Suvari and Diane Kruger have all been spotted wearing them over and over again.  So they must be comfy as well as drop-dead sexy.

Christian Louboutin

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Of course when I waved away my fog of shoe lust and looked at the price tag, my heart started to race, but for a different reason. Um, they’re close to $600! I like to have money in my pocket.  And I’m a klutz! I’d destroy those babies in about 30 seconds.

Speigel wedges

Which is why I totes love the look-alikes from Dollhouse. Their chain wedge sandal ($59, dollhouse.com) has the same oomph and style as the Louboutins, but they’re under $100. And I can sooo dig that!

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor:  Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Obsessed: Louboutin Wedges

  1. NYCdogmommy says:

    You know the cheaper one is cuter!

  2. booksorclothes says:

    They look awesome, but can you walk in them?

  3. nycblonde says:

    I’d rather buy the knockoff.

  4. nycblonde says:

    I’m looking at both of them and honestly, I think the cheaper one looks more expensive!

  5. Yay heels says:

    Is there any reason at all they can’t make a sexy flat?

  6. Ann13 says:


  7. Fashionista says:

    They look so similar!

  8. shamrockblonde says:


    yummy and yest, the knockoff is better –

    *wipes drool off keyboard*

  9. txkellbell says:

    Would someone mind posting an updated link for the knockoff? Every time I click on the link it tells me the “page has recently changed”. Thx!

  10. blondeelicious says:

    Ya, wedges are where it’s at… you can actually put your full weight on them and walk like a normal person! :)

  11. victoria99999 says:

    The shoes are so hot and she looks fab. wearing them!

  12. txkellbell says:

    Thank you! I just ordered a pair! :)

  13. sweets888 says:

    I love my wedges! After a night out in stillettos last night, my wedges felt even better todaY….I agree w blondeelicious,wedges are where it’s at :)

  14. maplelexus says:

    Louboutin are lovely shoes!

  15. queenana says:

    the louboutin wedge is beautiful but what a great affordable find: i dollhouse!! the knock-offs are absolutely adorable. would feel like a celebrity wearing either one of these.

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