Oh No! Could This Season Be the End of 'Dexter'?

A disagreement over star Michael C. Hall's salary may be the end of the Showtime hit 'Dexter'! Tragedy!

Oh No! Could This Season Be the End of ‘Dexter’?

A disagreement over star Michael C. Hall’s salary may be the end of the Showtime hit ‘Dexter’! Tragedy!

-Lucia Peters


I don’t know about you, Bettys, but I absolutely adore the Showtime series Dexter. It’s smart, it’s funny, and sure, it’s about a sociopathic serial killer, but it’s got quite a different perspective than your standard sociopathic serial killer tends to have—and it is never, ever boring. It’s steadily gained in steam over the years; and in fact, its sixth season premiered this past Sunday to the tune of 2.2 million viewers, making it the series’ highest-rated premiere ever as well as Showtime’s best series opener in roughly 14 years.

But oh no! According to Deadline, the show’s future may be in jeopardy! Tragedy! You see, star Michael C. Hall’s contract is up after the end of the sixth season, so naturally, this means it’s time to renegotiate—and those negotiations aren’t going so well. Earlier this week, Showtime and Hall’s team came to a stalemate when it came to Hall’s salary for the show’s continuation. Showtime offered $20 million for two more seasons; Hall’s team, however, asked for $24 million, and neither side is willing to budge.

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Either figure, it should be noted, would make Hall one of the highest-paid actors in cable television. So why the big stink? Well, when you think about it, Hall has been working in television for 10 years: He went to Dexter right after finishing Six Feet Under. That’s a long time to be working the same couple of jobs, especially as an actor. Hall allegedly wants to branch out and tackle other project, including possibly a Broadway musical (Dexter, singing? Best. Mental image. Ever), and he can’t do that if he’s chained to a television series. So of course if he’s going to stay in on that series, he’s going to be asking for more money to do so.

And I understand that point of view. I do. But at the same time, the fan girl in me really, REALLY hopes that he decides to stick with the show. It’s been one of the best shows on television for years, and I’ll be terribly sad if it ends!

The show has gone through its ups and downs behind the scenes in the past; in 2010, Hall underwent a battle against Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and later that year he and his wife Jennifer Carpenter, who also plays his on-screen sister, Deb, filed for divorce. But the show has never let these setbacks keep it down, and it has continued trucking along, getting better and better with each season. All us fans can do is cross our fingers and hope that Showtime and Hall manage to work something out.

Come on, Dexter! Don’t give up now!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She isn’t a sociopathic serial killer. Really.

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