OMG! Harvey Goes Back Into The Closet!

Four easy steps to cleaning out your closet to make wasy for spring!
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OMG! Harvey Goes Back Into The Closet!

Well . . . not really, but I knew it would get your attention!

-Harvey Helms

California Closets

Before I give you my Spring Fashion Preview 2011, we have to do spring cleaning! Yes Girls. As your Cyber Main Gay it’s my duty to tell you that it’s time to go into your closets and do the inventory to make space for spring. Knowing my girls, as I do, I know that some of you are ready to deal with it, while others are afraid because they haven’t done away with anything since junior high! Sorry I can’t be there to be your clothes Nazi in person, but here’s some advice to get you through it.

Harvey Helms1. Ask a friend to help you make the hard decisions!

Get your local main gay or a girl friend who is not an enabler to help you sort through your clothes and make decisions about what stays and what goes! This includes all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Don’t hold anything back!

2. Set the criteria low for letting go of your clothes!

This is the hardest part, but when you are done you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

* Size Range: Decide a range of sizes that suits your body throughout the year. And no I don’t mean 4 up to 12! It’s reasonable to keep a range of sizes, for example if you are a 4, keep up to 6 just in case. Any larger and you’re just a box of Oreos away from being a 12 again. The only exception is when designer sizes are funny. A Calvin 6 may be a Ralph 8. Don’t cheat here! The clothes Gods are watching!

* Current Condition of Clothes: Are sweaters peeling? Has a garment faded or stretched out? I’m sorry if it’s your favorite but it has to go. Shoes that looked like they’ve walked a million miles. Toss them! Clothes that are from the ‘80s or ‘90s? I’m not talking great vintage, I’m talking shoulder pads from the TV show Dynasty! Stop whining, they have to go. Clothes with sales tags that have sat in your closet for a year? Gotta go. You’re not going to wear it!

* Sentimental Clothes: The Christmas sweater Grandma knitted you, the horrible bejeweled blouse your Mother-in-law gave you! The logo polo shirts from sales meetings. Your wedding gown. Your cheerleader uniform. They have a place and it’s called storage. Wrap them in tissue and put them in the attic or basement. It frees up space for new fabulousness!

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