One Duke Girl's Huge, Massive Mistake: Writing a "F*$% List"

Who writes a fake thesis about all of the many Duke University athletes she slept with? This girl does.
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One Duke Girl’s Huge, Massive Mistake: Writing a “F*$% List”

Who writes a fake thesis about all of the many Duke University athletes she slept with? This girl does.

-Faye Brennan

Duke University Thesis

One of my best girlfriends from college forwarded me this story yesterday, with the subject line of her email as, “YOU MUST READ THIS.”

I clicked the link in the email and continued to read about a former Duke University female student who managed to sleep with a large portion of the Duke lacrosse, baseball and tennis teams (13 dudes in all) – and then took the time to write about every single sexcapade in a fake thesis, or “f*$% list.” In a PowerPoint presentation. Girl obviously had a lot of time on her hands post-college.

Not only does the thesis contain photos of each athlete she bedded, but it goes into full detail about the “pros” and “cons” of their horizontal performances, and how they ranked in physical attractiveness, size, talent and the like. Basically, what you would share with your very close girlfriends after way too many cocktails, and then would regret in the morning. But at least you didn’t write it down.

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First, we’ll have a little round of applause for the girl for the following reasons: some of these dudes are pretty hot, the majority of her anecdotes are hilarious, and she’s managed to have sex like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, in a highly superficial manner that’s completely devoid of emotion – we thought that was just make believe.

But, she must not have been thinking (at all) when SHE EMAILED THIS to her friends. Three friends to be exact. Who then proceeded to send it to just one more person, and so the chain began. The document can now be found on Jezebel and Deadspin, and in email inboxes everywhere.

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11 thoughts on “One Duke Girl's Huge, Massive Mistake: Writing a "F*$% List"

  1. When I was in college, a bunch of us would sit at a table in the cafeteria on campus and verbally pass along recommendations on who was good in bed and who to stay away from. None of us were vilified. Then again, none of us wrote any of this information down.
    As the Jezebel article stated, guys have been doing this for years. Yes, women have sex drives, women LOVE sex.
    I’m so tired of the outmoded ideal that women should pretend that they’re all virgins.
    My heart goes out to this poor girl. Hopefully, her life will not be marred by this stupid stunt from her so-called friend.

  2. @high heels – I think you miss the point. The issue isn’t whether women have sex drives, the issue is one of respecting others. It’s actually pretty rude and obnoxious to sit around a table and pass on who’s good in bed or not (but yes, it does happen often in college), but that’s not nearly as bad as sending it out into cyberspace with pictures of the guys. Let’s not forget the Rutgers student who committed suicide this week for violations of his privacy. It’s more than a stupid stunt and is actually pretty reckless.

  3. Ok, so what you’re saying is that Tucker Max can do THE VERY SAME THING (although without naming names or “outting” people) and get a book deal AND a movie deal out of it, but a woman does it and people freak out. Yes, I know that Max didn’t name names, but still. I am not saying it’s ever a good idea to put such detail on paper or get even close to the internet with it, but I do think the fact that a *woman* wrote about her sexual experiences is what makes this so much more freak-out worthy.

  4. @catca- so you’re telling me that when guys do this, it’s perfectly fine? PUHLEEEZE! Guys have been compiling lists-some with photos and passing them onto other guys for years. How do you think some girls got “reps.”
    What happened to poor Tyler is completely different. I hope that the two over-privileged brats are put in jail for bias crime. But you know, straight guys have done that to women for years too. Men have been put behind bars for filming women undressing and even peeing.

  5. The issue here is that there still is a double standard. If a guy did this and it got loose on the Internet, he’d be on the cover of Maxim, get a book deal and probably a TV show. Since it happened to a women, she gets branded instead.

  6. Let’s put it this way, it was just plain wrong and dumb, hope this alerts other people that it *is* wrong and not to do that same thing.
    I do know that we as women would really be ticked off if a male friend or date did the same thing…


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