Oscars for Dogs? You Bet! 1st Annual Golden Collar Awards Set for February 13

The 1st Annual Golden Collar Awards will honor Hollywood's canine performers like The Artist's adorable Uggie. Awww!

Oscars for Dogs? You Bet! 1st Annual Golden Collar Awards Set for February 13

The 1st Annual Golden Collar Awards will honor Hollywood’s canine performers like The Artist’s adorable Uggie. Awww!

-Lucia Peters


Sure, there are plenty of awards shows out there that honor the people who make your favorite movies and television shows—but what about the other species involved in showbiz? Like, say, the dogs? They work just as hard as the humans do—maybe even harder—so don’t they deserve some recognition, too?

Well, now they’ve got it: This year marks the very beginning of the Dog News Daily Annual Golden Collar Awards! Geared specifically towards the four-legged and furry, this new awards show will honor the many spectacular dogs working in Hollywood today. According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Artist scene-stealer Uggie announced this year’s nominees at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater on Wednesday—with a little help from his human friend and co-star Penelope Ann Miller. There are five categories, including Best Dog in a Theatrical Film, Best Dog in a Foreign Film, Best Dog in a Television Series, Best Dog in a Reality Television Series, and Best Dog in a Direct-to-DVD Film. The adorable Uggie, naturally, took more than one nomination himself: He’s been nominated for Best Dog in a Theatrical Film for both Water for Elephants and The Artist. Good dog, Uggie!

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The awards will take place on Monday, February 13 at 6pm PST at the dog-friendly Hotel Palomar, although alas, there’s no word on whether or not they’ll be televised this year. However, if they’re a success (and why on earth wouldn’t they be?), you can bet that they will be in successive years. After all, Uggie totally stole the show at the Golden Globes; an entire awards show of that would be priceless. Need proof? Here you go:

I wonder what the red carpet will be like. Luxury dog formalwear? Jeweled collars? Free rides in ladies’ handbags? Who knows. Whatever is, though, it’s bound to be great!

Check out the full list of puppy nominees here!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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