Our 5 Fave Celeb Fashion Blogs

Click for a little fantasy shopping.
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Our 5 Fave Celeb Fashion Blogs

Click for a little fantasy shopping.

-PJ Gach

Whitney Port

Okay, you’re jonesing for the newest threads that the celebs are wearing. In stead of going crazy, spending hours trying to track down what Whitney Port, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba’s wearing, check out our favorite celeb style blogs instead.

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Celebrity Style Guide

 1. Celebrity Style Guide
They bill themselves as the “Original Guide to Celebrity Style and Fashion.” They track down every little thing the stars wear. You can get lost in there for hours. And yes, you’ll get info on lesser-priced options.

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0 thoughts on “Our 5 Fave Celeb Fashion Blogs

  1. Go Fug Yourself is my favorite. The tagline Because Fugley is the next pretty says it all. The Fug Girls can get snarky, but not mean. I can’t wait to check out some of these sites.

  2. Celebrity dress 4 less written by Bethany Bassler is my go to website when I want to know what to wear! I love how she is able to show me how to look like the celebs on my un-celeb budget! I LOVE Bethany’s insight and style!!

  3. I like Celebrity Dress4Less site particularly, it’s my go-to for realistic, easy to find, affordable and ALWAYS super fashionable goods that I need. Excellent resource.

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