Our Favorite Jennifer Aniston Roles Ever!

Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for her newest film 'The Switch.'
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Our Favorite Jennifer Aniston Roles Ever!

 Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for her newest film ‘The Switch.’

-Shari Goldhagen

Jennifer Aniston

The Switch, which hits theaters Aug. 20th, marks the 25th film for Jennifer Aniston.

And while the former Friend has found commercial success in big budget films like Marley & Me and The Break-Up, she’s also mixed it up with some quirky independents—some good, some not so much.

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1. Leprechaun


Like many young actresses before her, Jen got her start in a horror flick. Unlike many of those other actresses’ scream-fests, the baddie in this 1993 film wasn’t a zombie or a masked mad men but a really pissed-off leprechaun looking for his gold.

Critics panned it, but the movie became a cult classic. And we understand if Jen never touched Lucky Charms again.

2. She’s the One

In 1995 writer/director/ actor Ed Burns scored a sleeper hit with The Brothers McMullen—his tale of Irish brothers and their complicated love lives. A year later Ed made another movie about Irish brothers with complex love lives so similar to the first that one of its few distinguishing elements was that the new one co-starred Rachel from Friends.

Jen played the wife of the douche-y unfaithful brother. To ruffle hubby’s feathers, she’d use her vibrator—we admit we like that part.

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  1. Object of my Affection is one of my fav movies. I was in a relationship with someone who, while not gay, certainly had commitment issues. That movie helped my see my life clearly.

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