Our Favorite Jon Hamm Moments

The Mad Men hottie comes back to TV for our viewing pleasure Sunday!
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Bookworms are sexy

Jon Hamm

There are few things hotter than a man who appreciates a good book … and a gal to share it with. In an interview for the August issue of W magazine, Hamm revealed what he most admires in the opposite sex:

“To be able to read and talk about complicated things is sexy,” he said. “It’s not just having a pair of bolt-on tits.”

We’ll definitely toast to that!

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  1. @RedAJG…shame on you for generalizing lawyers & bankers as sleazy. my son-in-law is a great attorney & works for a firm which represents employees taken advantage of by many big corporations. brother-in-law is a wonderful banker…on the little guy’s side. grow up & stop throwing everyone in one big pot.

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