Overheard in Betty Talk: Do Mothers Favor Their Sons?

this is an overheard in betty talk about mothers and sons

Overheard in Betty Talk

Do Mothers Favor Their Sons?

Some mothers think that their son is the best thing since sliced bread and others think that the word “favor” doesn’t compare to the word “love.” There’s quite a buzz happening in the BettyTalk PARENTING room, brought on by the article Do Moms Favor Their Sons? Take a peek into this on-going discussion, and make sure to chime in! Here are a few quotes from some of the other members…

“No! I don’t think mothers favor their sons. I really have not seen evidence of this at all.”smalltowngirl

“I think it depends. I do think that a lot of time mothers expect more out of their daughters because they relate to them more and have been there/done that for much of what they go through.”busybee

What do YOU think about mothers favoring their sons?

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