Overweight Women Think They're Normal, While Normal Women Think They're Fat

Women's weight perception can be just plain wrong.

Overweight Women Think They’re Normal, While Normal Women Think They’re Fat

Women’s weight perception can be just plain wrong.

-Jane Farrell

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A new study of women uncovered severe “misperception” about their bodies.

Researchers from the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston, Tex asked women to fill out a questionnaire about their weight. It showed that 23 percent of the women saw themselves as normal weight even though t hey there were not. (The researchers evaluated the women according to a chart of Body Mass Index, or BMI.) On the other hand, among women who were normal weight, nearly 1 in 6 saw themselves as overweight. The women were all attending a publicly funded reproductive clinic.

Mahbubor Rahman and Abbey Berenson, both professors of obstetrics/gynecology, said the result showed that weight misperception is “common among women of reproductive age.” The women were 18-25. They said that doctors should take the possibility of weight misperception when talking about weight management with their clients.

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And a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association said that either misperception could lead to unhealthy eating habits. Keri Gans said that “if women don’t perceive themselves as overweight, they’re not going to develop healthy habits. As for normal-weight women who see themselves as overweight, could make themselves sick if they become too obsessed with dropping pounds. Her remarks were reported on www.medicalnewstoday.com.

And Rahman thinks that the rise in obesity in the U.S. may also be responsible for some of the misperceptions. “They see overweight people everywhere they go,” he said, “and this has become the new norm for them. (medicalnewstoday)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. This article really proves some points to me because I seem satisfied with my weight and body but if I feel like I am gaining weight I try to cut food out or workout harder. I think people do not confront woman with weight problems so then they do not feel as the are “quote” over weight. The people I know give me a hard time that I am fat but I am not. I think they feel like they can give me a hard time because I can handle it but in reality many girls cannot handle. Therefore, women that are skinner are told it or have more comments made about their weight so they are more self conscious about it. Weight is a hard subject to talk about because we want people to be healthy but if they think we are focusing on the weight they might try to cut weight the wrong way and end up hurting themselves.

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